It’s here again, the pressure, stress, anxiety, bitter-sweet feelings, and a long wait for Christmas. The night is here, yet the streets still look busy, the market is as full as though there is no tomorrow. Everyone looks busy and in a haste to get something done. Some keep shopping for new stuff, others go […]


There is nothing that brightens even the gloomiest of moods as a child than waking up to beautiful and colourful lights, along with a sweet chorus. With or without a decorated tree. With no words said, it instantly tells you it’s Christmas. Christmas is noted as a time for merry-making. A period set aside by […]


To you all movie lovers, Netflix, dramas, k-drama series, Disney, and story lovers, I say Hi!😉. Ever wondered why you fall so much in love with a story and sometimes gets sad that it ends, even wished there was a way to lengthen it. Other times even dreaming and seeing yourself as one of the […]


Exactly four (4) years ago, my brother gave out the above artwork to the world. It was his final project work at the university before his graduation, titled “Victoria Concordia Crescit” which means “Victory through Harmony”. It’s an image of two men depicting two different tribes in Ghana, both holding the Ghana flag within the […]


There are people who always and will always put you first in any circumstance. Even when they don’t know what they’re saying “Yes” to. They will still put you first no matter how much doing so hurts. They are the ones who sacrifice for you out of love. They will make the difficult decisions and […]


So a writer from a group of writers page I’m part of asked this open question to us all, and the question was; “what inspired you to write?” “what inspired you to write?” That’s a new question for me, never been asked that. The funny part is I’ve never thought of what my first inspiration […]


For the sake of my dad, our family was always relocating to a new place. We never lived continuously at a place for more than 4years in my life. As a child and growing up it was fun having to relocate from one place to the other.New Home, New Neighbours, New School, New Friend, and […]


I recall during my childhood days and through adolescence, I was so shy and did not socialize much. What I did which worked perfectly for me was whenever I got to a new place surrounded by different people, I will look around for someone I would love to be friends with. When I do, I […]


At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. – Albert Schweitzer Gratitude is from the Latin word “gratus comes the word meaning ‘pleasing, thankful’… some books define it […]


Who is a friend? Whenever this question is asked, we are often moved to give out a whole long list of friends including those we check on annually. This year wasn’t the first time someone asked randomly about who my friend is. But at that moment on that faithful night, when a neighbour asked me […]


It is one thing to be nice to someone, do good things for them that make you feel good about yourself, but it’s another thing to forgive someone. I don’t mean that kind of forgiveness where you decide to tell the offender that they’ve been forgiven yet you hold grudges in your heart. I mean […]


Let me take you back to your elementary school days when most of us use to sit in pairs on a desk in class. Often the person you share a desk with is most likely to be your friend in class and it’s a bonus to you the more when the fellow is of the […]


Hardly does a day goes by without someone writing or mumbling this “We need to Save the World!”. Most of our lives greatest goal has been wanting to save the world, we feel the immediacy of the need to save our world and want to be part of the saving squad. But from what?It seems […]