WORRY-FREE; A New Year’s Resolution

At the end of each year while ushering into the new year we’re often in a haste to set a resolution for ourselves. We look back at the resolutions we made at the beginning of the year and there are a lot of things we could not do, a lot of things about ourselves we could not change.
Sometimes we are broken for the things we could not achieve. We either give up, accept and see ourselves as failures, or push it to the next year.

It’s our second day in the new year but I foresee a bucket full of to-do list lined up straight from January 1st to December 31st with no breathing space for “fear or failure”.

As far as the New year is concerned, it’s still the old us in a different pair of pants. The same broken and helpless people from 2021 who have just migrated into 2022. The same old ones who began 2021 in their strong selves assuring the year of never giving up no matter what it throws at them, and shamefully nails everything on the year as it passes away to embrace a new one.

Yet again, we are mere humans with loads of expectations which not met leave us feeling disappointed and worrying.

You probably might have set a New year Resolution or yet to, either way, I would like you to ask yourself these before moving on.

Do you have a problem?
If Yes!
Can you do sth about that problem?
If the answer is still Yes!
Why worry?

If your answer is No! for any of the above,
Why then do you again worry?

As simple and clear as the above states, I know the human mind can’t easily comprehend its simplicity. Yet to achieve the unachievable, we need to first stay breathing.

We need to be alive to take each step successfully, and with that, we need to do away with worries so our hearts and minds can be safe and clear. We need to appreciate the fact that we can not win every battle. There are some we win and others we lose, and we need to prepare our minds for each of such changes least we find ourselves broken at the end just as in the previous years.

This year, make personalizing your happiness and staying worry-free a number one on your New Year Resolution chart. It’s only when our hearts and minds are clear that we prepare ourselves for victory.

Ask yourself; “what great thing has worrying brought to my life?” aside from eating up the joy in you, and keeping you burdened.

As you go about with things each day for the year, remember the things you can change and those you can not, and why you need not worry. Keep that tiny smile on, as you shut the nearby window which is allowing the stormy wind to infiltrate and blow out your lit candle of hope.

When someone asks you what your new year resolutions are, tell them you’re going to be more Awesome than the year before, staying worry-free.

The journey has just begun, stay warm, and alive.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

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