If i’m ever given the chance to live this life over again, I would take nothing out of it.

I listened to my young friend getting to the latter part of this year, as she lamented on the calamities in her life which could have been prevented if some few things were to be undone.
I asked her this question in a simple scenario;
“Let’s say God is to turn to you this moment, telling you that things have been unfair to you, and as such he wants to go back for you and make some slight changes so you don’t have to cry over this. It would be as if you had slept and dreamt for a long while waking up to a better morning, one you had wished was your life then. But then, you will lose this life, everything about this current life would be wiped out. The pain, suffering, regrets, along with the joy, happiness, friends, and foes you’ve made so far.”
Would you want that?
She looked at me and in a quiet brittle voice said “No!”
I pressed on, elaborating on the good things that the new life may bring to her and she still said no.

I asked her why?

Why she is suffering in this life and wouldn’t choose a better one over it.
She couldn’t tell why, but wouldn’t want to lose this life just to have another.

It wasn’t her No! It was the emotions attached to that No! The fear in her eyes that told out everything she couldn’t voice out.

She was terrified of the thought of losing this life to the life the new one could offer her, and that tells that amidst all the suffering there’s something beautiful about this life that is worth holding onto. Which is worth giving up a new and better life for.

I can’t imagine how this life, this year has been for you. Mine felt terrible, yet I wonder, has there ever been a better year? There’s always something to be sad about and another to be joyful of.
Even in the worst of the worst, there will be something or someone who will make you want to live it again.

If you think life has been so unfair ask the wrongfully convicted.
If you think you’re tired of being unfit, try granting the dead a single wish and see what it will be.
If you see someone’s life as a better one than yours, try asking them what they consider to be better.

It’s only when we begin to think of what’s in something for us. What’s there to lose, that we begin to appreciate what we have?

In this life, we may not be there yet, but we’re certainly on the right path and still climbing to “who knows where”.

Let’s keep up the fight, think more, and count our little gains. Make great memories till we meet again next Christmas.
When you think like giving up, remember why you started in the first place.


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