Clearing our house yard off weeds last Sunday took my mind back to my days in Junior High School, to a town my dad was transferred to. Before then, I had spent most of my earlier years in Kumasi along with my family, and in schools where the major responsibility of a pupil was to clean the compound, and their classroom, which involved sweeping or dusting.

Relocating always meant moving to a new school. One would say the major occupation among the residence was farming, I would say about 95% of the student population knew what farming entailed. Whereas me, born and bred in the city knew very little about farming. My first-time experience having to hold a cutlass after my class was punished to clear a weedy place, made me wished my dad could give me another chance to decide whether I wanted to continue schooling in Kumasi or not.

My pain then had nothing to do with having to weed. Although tough, it was fun and I so much wanted to learn how to do so. Rather the criticism from my faultfinders felt so bitter, and the look in the eyes of some others who neither altered a word felt humiliating. There were times we had to fetch water for some teachers, with me struggling to even carry the smallest bucket among that of my peers. Other times we had to go deep into a bush with the males cutting down bamboos as the females carried them back to the school for fencing. There were times we all had to tend to the school farm, grow crops, and harvest them when due. It was a great experience with me having to encounter and learn loads of new things of which I later practiced at home, yet some chose to only see a deprived young girl only good for nothing.

Well, that was sort of their world, how they had been brought up resulting from the environment they grew up in. Was that ever my fault for never being brought up the same way or in the same environment?

Sometimes it seems quite unfair as to why some are fortunate in life, to be born into the luxurious life as others struggle to make ends meet. With the million-dollar question “Why him/her and not me?”  Some people feel there is a faulty in their being since aside from being born into such an environment, they have no one caring for them as the others do. Their hatred and bitterness are often not a result of a current situation, rather they’re angrier at who they are than what the other person is. Has it ever been their fault for being born in the slum?

There are a few things as humans we don’t get to choose; waking up, what or who the heart chooses, the kind of family we are born into, and some others. Maybe one day when we get to meet the maker we can ask him “why”.

There is no fault in what the maker decides to do. Whoever you were born as may not have been how you wished you were yet who says the others are okay with theirs? It’s just us being humans with the yearning to be something we are not, forgetting everything is as it is for a purpose. In as much as the poor can’t be blamed for being in tattered clothes and having to live a tough life, the affluent can’t also be blamed for not experiencing such hardship.

We live in a world where the righteous suffer and are afflicted more than the wicked. Where the good ones often have a shorter lifespan, and where society sees more wrong in the good than the evil. The truth is that everyone has their trouble and their share of suffering. We just cannot see it. Some may share it openly but others are quiet about theirs and keep it to themselves.

Sometimes we either look down on people for the luxury they never had or the pain they never experienced. We all can’t have it all, likewise can we not be the same people living a single life trend. There is a purpose for why you were created white, black, rich, poor, strong, or weak. We can not blame people for who they were created to be nor the life they have been born into. We certainly cannot blame ourselves for not having life as easy as how others may seem to be having.

On the brighter side, instead of hating who you are, why not make sense out of your suffering? Why not become the version of the person you yearn to be? Why not see the blessing in this somehow cursed circumstance. The present may not be satisfying but it so can not determine the future.


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