Do birds ever stop flying?

Does the rain ever cease since the river got full?

Should evening stay on, and morning never come since the cock failed to crow?

What then will happen if the ocean dried up?

We cry our hearts out and bleed inwardly. Yet do we ever skip taking water when our throats dries up thirsting for water?

An Ancient Chinese proverb;

We hurry

We worry

We bury

Its been as though a whistle is blown the moment we begin to stand on our feet, as humans. Everyone is in a hurry to get things done. Everyone is in a haste to move to the next level, catch up with the one ahead to satisfy that hunger.

We get there and there’s still no satisfaction, the emptiness was never filled up. Nothing changes! We are just our old selves in a new pair of pants. Our worry grows and even deepens with each step. Since we never found what we were looking for, and we never found it since it never existed where we earnestly sorted it out.

We turn to our sides and there’s nothing there for us , nothing to hold unto. Neither can knowledge of the past cause us to turn backwards.

We are only left with our broken selves.

In our broken and lost selves, we feel it’s okay to let it go. We bury every drop of hope left. “There’s no safe place, no cool place”. We settle our minds with that while living in bitterness.

What happened to looking up?

Why choose the icy stand when there is warmth ahead? Why stick to the present when the future remains mysterious? Why give up on a journey when it’s just started?

It’s always been our fear of failure which causes us to stay at a place we ain’t comfortable dwelling in. The fact that nobody has ever seen the light nor has anyone felt the sun on their skin.

Yet how can one see the light when the eyes are concealed, nor feel the sun while hiding under a cave?

You can only see the beauty in the world when you’ve taken off the blindfold and looked up.

Rain only falls from the skies. The moon and sun are above for a purpose, so as the stars.

We hung our lit lamps so everyone can see the light wherever they may be.

We know the road to our destination is often darkened and weary, but Look up and you will find the light.

look up and you will find Hope.

CREDIT: Daniel B. Botah

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