When I was young, one of the exciting things about Sundays was right after the first church service in the morning, speedily returning home to watch every child’s favorite superheroes’ series “Captain Planet”. Can’t remember the names of the heroes but one thing I know is that every child wanted to be like them. One would pick his/her favorite character and start to imitate the fellow; Huh! So glad wanting and imitating never cost a thing, else it would have been so depressing for some of us. Then Spiderman, Batman, and all other Super Heroes series making every child go crazy in their stunning costumes.

We never knew who they were but we loved them not for their looks or who they were but how they made us feel. Special and worth dying for even though we had no role in the series.

Taking a look back at them now, I realize something I never paid attention to as a child; “Their past”, who they were, and the role they played before becoming the Hero. They all started with a tough life, as people almost nobody paid attention to. It was as though their lives did not matter. They were the ones who looked feeble, easy to pick on, and with nothing to link to Heroism. Who would have thought that their tough past experiences were preparing them for a huge role in the future? It seems almost all of them lived a double life in the role they played and still do in the current series, yet no one notices who these Heroes are. They remain anonymous, not because they do trust the people around them but so they can keep them safe. They walk among the people who somehow look down on them yet never think twice when it comes to putting their lives on the line for them.

In my opinion, not everyone is born with the Heroic role, but anybody can become a hero since a hero is one who gives of himself. Some people have the role of becoming a hero. Someone like Harriet Tubman, called “The Moses of her People”, because like Moses she helped her people escape from slavery. Harriet believed saving the people was her purpose on earth and would do it no matter what it cost her.

I had reasoned this out in my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other. _ Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman may be gone, but she lives on with the Heroic role she played in the lives of many. She might have lost a greater aspect of her life for this cause yet she saw the change doing what she did would bring to others and stuck to it. Truly, every great dream begins with a dreamer.

What makes one a hero?

Has it always been the costume, the face behind the mask, or the super power?

Even in these comics, we’ve always seen other people with superpower who uses it for a negative cause. There are/were times when even without a mask or costume the Hero still found means to be helpful. A hero doesn’t need all that inorder to be seen as one, a hero only need a heart.

The heart to dream, always remembering that you have within you the strength, patience, and the passion to reach for the stars. Knowing what is worth fighting for and who. The heart to value humanity realizing that everyone matters, no matter how they disregard you or who they think you are not.

There are two types of Heroes each person needs to become. One is for the world. In our real lives, there is no Captain planet, or Superman, or Spiderman. There’s only me, and you. We may not have superpowers like these fictional heroes, but we have every pain and the tough situation in our lives to link to theirs. I believe every tough circumstance in life is preparing the individual for a specific future. It may not be as huge of a task but everything worth saving. It may be an act nobody will notice; like picking a banana peel from the floor that can cause one to end up bedridden for life. It could be smiling and waving at a stranger (You have no idea how much that will mean to the fellow). Just remember, not all our comic Heroes are ever truly honoured for what they do.

The second hero you need to become is one for your story.

You can’t always keep staying in the pit waiting for someone to pull you up. Sometimes you need to have your escape plan. It is only when you manage to the surface that you realize that there is no one there waiting to welcome you, no one was coming to your rescue. Not that nobody cares but is either nobody is noticing or they’re all in a different pit waiting for the Hero.

Heroes aren’t really born, Heroes are made in the hearts of those who foresees a need and decides not to ignore but do something about it. Not because they can, rather they believe they need to.

It’s you, knowing you ain’t powerful enough yet do not settle or give in to your limitations. Instead, you fight with all your might for the cause you believe in.

Harriet Tubman said “I would fight for my liberty so long as my strength lasted, and if the time came for me to go, the Lord would let them take me.

You can be a hero in any situation you find yourself, you wouldn’t need a costume or even a mask. All you’re ever going to need is a HEART.

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