What if our story, wasn’t really, “Our Story“?

Like to say, the life we live each day, seeing only what happens in our lives; the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, joy, sadness, and all the routines to which we term as our story. What if it wasn’t our story?

What if our existence was actually being just a Supporting character in the actual story of another, and whatever did value to us in our lives didn’t value much in the whole story?

What if our existence was for the story of someone else?

Living as the shadow of another person.

What if we were living so the others could be better and that our brokenness isn’t because we are broken, but they are?


Would that ever make us stop living life as we do? Worrying, staying sad, or being joyful.

Would that change anything within us?

Have you ever halted to think about how life isn’t just about you, and that you and your story are just a part of life?

Or how your life and story make meaning only if it’s of advantage to the protagonist?

We all somehow woke up one day to find ourselves in this universe, and being part of it, and each day we get to live a 24 hours never having a 25th hour. Like we walking in circles, get back to the start point and you tend to start it all over again. With each 24 hours each individual gets to have a story and no matter how special it may be, its only your story. Others get to know of it only when you tell it out. No wonder love stories are never so sweet until they’re shared.

 You may not have realized this but none of each of our stories truly matters, because none of us is pursuing the main goal of the story.

It’s the universe’s story and the universe is the Protagonist. Now  a Protagonist, is a leading character of a story, or the most prominent figure in a real situation. The protagonist drives the plot, makes the key decisions, and experiences the consequences of those decisions. Everything we do, every memory we create just adds up to the universe’s story. Each of our stories is connected and sums up to make the universe’s story whole. Precisely, to give it a story. Just like without the supporting characters in each plot the protagonist may not achieve he’s goals. Likewise without us the universe has no value, and  we on the other hand would have no existence without it.

Its like when you decide one day to crash your car to anything, lets say a building or a human. As much as it affects you, it affects the universe and everything within it.

We may all be living our individual lives, having our special roles in the subplots where we experience the beauty of the world, yet if one supporting Character fails in playing his role. The Protagonist tends to be lacking somewhere bring a failure in his plot that generally affects us too, and so We all fail.

The universe is standing high and firm because like all supporting Characters, we are carrying the Protagonist firmly on our shoulders. Yet a twist at one end heaves us all to the ground.

Our lives and stories are failed ones if the universe crashes and fails, and it wouldn’t matter how well we played our role. We all go down because the Protagonist who tends to pull up the thread holding us all together is fallen.

As such, for us to succeed, the Protagonist firstly needs to succeed and that success depends on the single little success story of each Character or person.

It’s Rising, by Lifting Others.

Lifting the other person to stand firm so they can do likewise.

Knowing that our success story depends on everyone’s success in life. What fun is there going to be if we succeed in this life alone? I know most people are okay with that. But what’s so special in having everyone leaning on what you only can provide? Not as though you are a god.

What happened to sharing and helping others? Helping others even when they never asked of it but because they need it and you can provide that.

What happened to saying “Hello”, and “How are you?”, With a smile? Or being nice to people since that hardly involves money. Something that children still do great at yet seems so demeaning to adults.

Did we all get extremely busy to even make time for that?

Or gained some supposedly additional class that makes us look down on others?

Is there ever a prize for Pride, since i only know of Humility.

There’s always enough time for change, therefore decide today to make the success of others a goal to your personal goals. “Our personal goals can always be achieved if it’s linked to the goal of our community”.

There’s never enough time, yet just pause and say “Hi” or “Howdy” to your neighbour. You may never know how far that may go for someone in a day.

It’s the universe’s story, after all, not ours to be selfish of.



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