BETTER? OR WORST? A New Beginning

Remember how we started the year with everyone feeling anew even though we were still the same then, and even now. There were unnumbered resolutions, even ones we weren’t so sure we could stick to.

It was a new year, although the difference from the year before was just a second. A regular movement of the second’s arm of an analog clock turning the long and short hand from 23:59 to 00:00, birthing a new day. Yet it’s a major transition that always feels so new and different with a simple change in digits of date and time.

The 365 days journey for each year turns to wear and tear us enormously each single day. Nevertheless, the thought of having a new beginning tends to give us hope and a chance to start things new.

The month of August, no offense, is one of the unbearable months in the year. With a terrible weather condition in almost everywhere. Seems like a whole 31 days of nothing-less filling in the footprints of the perfect yet weary month, July. It’s a month most Business crew terms as slow in market, with so much exhaustion yet less time for rest.

On the other hand, the month of August also symbolizes New beginnings, new experiences. It’s a month that gives an energy of completion. It tells us that our past has been healed, lose ends tired, and that the future is bright. It’s the very months that keeps humming into our eardrum;

“I’m everything You decide to make out of me.

I’m pain if you decide to see and name me such

I’m the worst enemy who stays behind to be sure you never rise from the fall

With less beautiful history over the centuries, I even leave you with no holiday

But then, I can be the tiny light that shines through the tunnel

I can be the rain that messes your hair while washing away your sorrow.

Or the scorching sun which dries up your eyes, leaving you with no tears to run down your pretty face.

Or the stabbing pain in your chest, which tells you its time for you to heal

I only mean to tell you that there’s a good in the worst of us, and a bad in the best of us

I am the worst, yet again the best”

July was a very tough one. I don’t know about you, but i felt like i was finally going to break. lol! Each day within that month was torture. yet i survived it from the 1st to 31st.

The month of August is truly toilsome and everything as stated above. Both negative and positive. Here is the difference; “Your Choice!”

There are two sides to a coin. Two sides of each individual, and two sides of each situation. Yet what you decide to make out of it is what matters.

Now the past might have been hopeless, full of anguish, depression, and nothing to write home about. Maybe the year 2021 has been nothing of what you prayed and hoped for. Taking a new different but unpleasant turn. Messing up even the few endearing stuffs in your life.
Your yesterday might have been broken, and you probably went to bed with no thrill of meeting this new day.

The month of August is still a day with a slight difference in seconds from yesterday, yet a major transition from July. It can become the worst of yesterday with just your thoughts and decision to keep wallowing in misery.

Or it can become everything you’ve ever longed for and dream of. A New Beginning for you.

I’m not promising you anything amazing because problems never stop as far as we keep living.

I’m saying something amazing can emerge from your awkward state if you stick to the brighter side.

Maybe not everyone, but we are going to wake up to a new day like now. The difference in how we will meet that day is going to be based on which side you decide to stick to today.

What do you think you deserve?

Better? or Worst?

The Choice Is Yours!!

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