In 2011, at the Emergency unit while the doctors were on strike. I recall this one patient who was left remaining on the ward after several others had been discharged or transferred to the ward.

She was in her last stage of breast cancer and could not be discharged home. She was on continuous oxygen administration and could not do without it. She would often turn dyspneic the moment she’s taken off oxygen.

The last time i saw her was when together with her husband, they decided they wanted her to be discharged so she can be with family within her last moments. It was better than being among strangers, lying on a hospital bed, away from her children, and missing her last moments with them. While preparing and looking forward to “The Day she dies”. Not so pleasant, huh?

Arrangements were made for her to continue treatment at home, and it went on till she passed on.

There is a day we all look forward to, earnestly or painfully. Not that we always know when or how is going to present itself — yet we look forward to it because we are sure of its existence, and it’s coming bearing our inmost desire or fear.

The mind in its nature sees things far and out of our reach of which the eyes can never see even with the aid of a telescope. The heart holds onto what can not be seen yet believes it exists. It consciously or unconsciously yearns for it no matter the outcome it’s bound to produce.

The child looks up, and forward to the day he or she gets to be seen or recognized as an adult, capable of making certain decisions for him or herself. Yet the mother looks forward to the day her baby grows.

A college student, even on the first day at school looks forward to graduation day. While the unemployed graduate has no peace within till the day he or she is gainfully employed.

As the teenager worries about her unwanted pregnancy and how to get rid of it. The labeled barren yearns and prays for the day she gets to at least miscarriage a fetus.

As the single woman dreams beautifully of her wedding day. The unhappily married one stays awake at night praying for the day she gets to leave it and be single again.

Least, we all look forward to the day we can breathe freely without a facemask, and hug without worry.

At any point in life, when you feel your waiting or pain is unbearable. When you feel life isn’t fair, just know you ain’t alone. We are all fighting our invisible wars. We are all waiting for something to arrive.

While some wished that day never comes, others wished it could speed up. However, some people live their lives, never seeing that day.

There is no satisfaction in any beating heart, no place to call safe. The things we look forward to have, are mostly what others wished they could revert.

Nobody is ever wholly happy. We are joyful at one moment, and sad the next. We long for beautiful days and wished the sorrowful ones never show up. Yet that is why we live to fight another day since not all battles can be won in a single day.

Joy exists for a purpose, and so does sorrow. That we can have something to look up to.

A day to look forward to seeing. It shouldn’t matter how long it takes to show up, or how meaningless it sounds to others.

We only have to believe, stay positive, and look forward to “That Day”.

A Day without Barrier!

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