Hm! Hm!
Testing mic 1, 2

Kindly lend me your ears, you all lovely people.

I carry loads of greetings from the delivery room to each one of you.

I know that to most people the image above brings countless memories.

From the stage of “love before sight”.

Morning sickness, mood swings, balancing diet to suit fetus demands. Along with a fixed sleeping position, feeling hot even in cold weather, and all the changes that pregnancy brings to the body.

To excruciating pain, tears, countless wailing, amidst the loss of appetite, and throwing up any little thing that passes the throat.

So much waiting, with seconds turning into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. Everyone anxiously waiting for the loved yet unknown guest.

With the heartbreaking 😢 2-3cm gradually advancing to 😌 5cm or 7cm, and the progressing contractions that no amount of pain medication can suppress permanently. The strong urge to push yet advised against that. Moments when we wished and begged for an alternative. When we wish we would be made to rest for a while, yet longed to get that little thing out of us.

Then finally comes 10cm with the simple yet vague instruction Bear down contractions and relax in-between”. Nothing makes sense nor is any word from the midwife heard.

Then baby arrives after screaming your lungs out and a long push.

They may not understand why this day is celebrated with loads of emotions attached, yet we know that it took every bit of our emotions that day.

It drowned every hope in us, causing us to doubt our strength and faith.

It broke every bone within us and again fused it all up, making us whole again.
It tore our hearts apart and fixed it up with a cry.

Our old selves died that day birth us anew with the baby.

We still can not describe how we felt that minute when our baby was placed in our arms.

They don’t know.

No! They don’t at all.

Why we wrap them so close to our hearts.
Why we stay awake to watch them sleep even when we feel weary.

Why we yearn to rush to them as our breast feels full and the milk drips.

They then know why we love them unconditionally even when we never carried or birthed them.

They just can’t come to terms with it, just because we probably adopted them.

They don’t know why every talk is about them and nothing else.

They don’t know why we would gladly lay down our lives for them.

They don’t know why a mother’s love is so deep.

Why their pain and joy become ours.

Why the single couch makes our heart leaps.

Well, it’s a woman and a mother’s thing.

We don’t expect you to understand.
Because we do.

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