Dark days ain’t known as darkish because the moon is probably in between the sun and earth, blocking off the light rays of the sun from shining through the earth. It is termed so because the heart in all likelihood is best seeing and feeling the darkness inside. It’s feeling the ache, anxiety, and longing to move out.

This week I want you to take a second to observe what you are being weighed down with. A few term it as a test, a challenge, or a cross. That one thing that makes you want to give up and accept defeat.

Does the father recognize what we go through?

Does he see our struggling?

Does he hear our loud cry for help?

Does it break his heart?

Is he ok with our pain and the entirety occurring to us?

What is The Cross?

The Cross also called Crux in Latin is a geometrical parent along with intersecting strains or bars, commonly perpendicular to every other. They commonly run vertically and horizontally.

Over centuries the cross has taken one-of-a-kind meanings to different people. To the Christian, it’s miles a symbol of hope and faith. Christ’s victory over death and satan.

The cross before Christianity was not seen as how we term it today. To the Jews, it’s a symbol of shame, and the crucifixion was a disgraceful manner of executing criminals who by some means did or did not deserve that. Aside from that, they were stripped naked before being put on the cross. It was a Roman suppression used against individuals and movements which the empire considered threatening.

Therefore, terming the demanding situations or test a person is going through a cross is relating to it as their “walk of shame”. Since there is exposure to the world in which almost everyone gets to look down on you. You get ridiculed, judged, and condemned without inquiry.

Other times, the cross takes on a darker form like persecution, violence, or even racism. It does not matter where you’re, who you’re, or what stage you are in at the moment; the cross you may have to bear will depend on your strength and ability to overcome. That is why sometimes we may find ourselves proclaiming that “i cannot do it, this is unbearable” like a woman in labour. Yet if we hold on, and keep pressing forward we will end up with glory in our arms while smiling on. Then we begin to tell the world our story, we recollect the things we used to cry our heart out about, those that turned us right into a laughing stock, the valuable and precious things we lost, and we only smile at it now because we’ve been triumphant.


Does the father realize what we are going through?

Yes! He does

Does he see our struggling?

Sure! He does

Does he hear our loud cry for help?

Yes! He does

Does it break his heart?

Of course!

Is he okay with our pain and all that happening to us?

No! However, it pleases him.

He certainly is in pain each time he sees us struggling, but it pleases him because he knows that we will live on it and make him proud. Our success is his PRIDE. Letting us undergo this is his means of proving boldly to the devil what a proud father he is. That we ain’t faithful to him just because he provides us with all our needs and wants, but we lean on him and believe in him even when he turns a deaf ear to our cries.

Just as Christ’s suffering on the cross, the father knew of the importance of what he was doing, why he needed to suffer and so he turned away from him. We may not be Christ, neither can we do what he did; but just as the father’s hope for victory was in his son’s suffering, so is his victory and success for our lives in the cross we also bear.

The keynote is; “God knows we can bear it”. He believes that we can bear it, and as such hopes for our success.

Hence, bear your Cross with PRIDE. Do not permit the pain it causes you, to surrender. Don’t allow the badmouthing, or judgment from those round weary you. They don’t know why you need to go through that, and could most effective value your struggle after your success. They will recognize your story higher after your victory.

Keep in mind, you ain’t on my own, you ain’t alone, each person around you, including those looking down on you, is bearing his or hers secretly. The weight of your cross will depend on the value of the glory ahead of you.

The only reason why you may be going through whatever you’re going through at the moment is that God has set you up for a MIRACLE. That miracle that is made perfect in his purpose for your life.

So bear it all, confidently and with PRIDE.

With each step you take, you only get close to your Miracle.


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