This dawn, while our night shift got calm. Rosemary asked; “Grace, would you die for yourself?” I just smiled.

She sounded so emotional and deeply in tune with the season.

“Can you imagine how Jesus felt at this moment, on that day?” She added and went on to say, as stated below.

I can imagine when he went to pray, pouring his heart out, knowing that the time was nigh while the disciples who escorted him were sleeping. Those that were to watch and pray with him throughout the night, such disappointment.
He could have given up, and probably said I can’t do it and he would not have been blamed. He could have just walked away and say I’ve changed my mind and nobody could reprimand him.

Yet he gently walked on, knowing very well the exact trap laid before him.

Asahh! That long hours at night until day and all he went through. The blood that kept draining out of his body. He looked so messy, so awful.

He calls out to the father. The father looks at the world, the people beneath the cross, and then looks at the son. He looks back again to the people screaming, dancing, and making merry, at the terrifying figure of his beloved Son and yet doesn’t turn back to the son this time. It breaks his heart, but he knows it’s the price. The price for the redemption of us all.

I’m sure at that moment everything in heaven ceased. The angels and Archangels, all muted and mournful. The son, the only beloved son of the master. What amount of words could be enough to console one who gave up his son to save some ungrateful beings. It was all dark and quiet, a total black day in heaven, a heartbreaking scene. Everyone was shaking, watching the son go through all that for the same people who were crucifying him. Yet Jesus faced it all for us.

After which he calls unto us, He says “come boldly to me, I’ve got all need and I’m all you need”. Yet we’re withdrawing, doubting if it’s truly been done. If he really took all our sins away and left none behind. He did, and rose for us yet we still don’t believe in him, we still doubt his agape love for us. We’re sinning, and each time we walk into a room to sin he stays right by the door, waiting and asking us to come and softly saying “Come my child, I need to cleanse you. Wash and make you whole again”.

Not that his heart isn’t torn apart each time we sin, and it’s as though his son keeps dying over and over again anytime we sin and become needy of the cleansing blood. Yet he doesn’t want to give the slightest chance away for the devil to get hold of his most valuable creation.

He’s doing that because he has a purpose for our lives and a task to be accomplished. Therefore he never gives up on us even when we do.

He is the gentle spirit of God gradually leading us to himself.

Do you love yourself?

Do you love yourself enough to die for yourself?

It’s like asking “will you marry yourself?” Do you see yourself as someone you will want to marry?

Do you see yourself as someone worthy enough to die for?

Your answer to this question should prove to you how much Jesus loves you, and as someone who loves you that much, he expects you to trust and have faith in him. Have faith that he conquered death and satan. That the blood of Jesus is powerful and still saves. That he knows and wants the best for you and me.

Today, don’t just go to church, don’t just watch the passion of Christ, like a sort of ritual performed annually.

Today, know who is dying for you. Know what he went through to save you and value it.

Jesus still bleeds, everyday and every time we sin. He runs and bows to the father each time we do something unpardonable. He shows him his palm and pleads that his sacrifice doesn’t go to waste.

It wasn’t easy! But it was worth it!

CREDIT: Rosemary Owusu Peprah


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