Not long ago, there was this image posted on a site called “The Mind Journal“, to which they requested viewers to provide a caption. I shared the image on my WhatsApp status and received various remarks from some people.

As illustrated above, one can see an image of a man holding a huge blade, and kissing one end of the blade which has the form of a human being. Although it’s a blade, we can at least see features like lip, nose, and eye.

The first thought that crossed my mind upon seeing it was “Ouch! such dangerous love. Kissing a blade is just causing harm to yourself” and in an instant, there were millions of thoughts going on in my mind. How toxic and life-threatening a love affair can be. Scrolling through the comment column, there were different forms of caption laid out by so many people yet the common thing in all of them was “negativity”.

As crazy as it may be or sound, for some of us, we try to see beyond what is being portrayed to us to be able to visualize what nobody is seeing or even thinking of. Upon my second look, the same image took me to the story of the beauty and the beast. How the well-known beast turned into a handsome prince after being loved. To most viewers, the man is purely loving a woman who is in a form of a blade, proving that their relationship is only going to end up with the man being hurt by sharp ends of the woman (blade). Yet what few people could note is that the man’s pure love for the blade is what is blunting its ends and transforming it back into its original form as a woman. This is why we can see the man kissing a blade yet there’s no evidence of him hurting or bleeding, and it’s so because that end is blunt at the moment. Just as we see Bella having fun with the beast, we are okay with it and share their joy and love because we know their story. What of the one who never did? He will only pity Bella for being with a beast because as we all know a beast will only tear a human apart.

Now let’s face the facts, both captions are relatively true. The man may be hurting by loving the woman (blade), and again, the man may be loving this woman purely enough to transform her. Just like in the story of Beauty and the Beast. Yet our view and understanding of it, its how we individually view the world and interprets it. It’s basically how we judge people and things by just looking at them or following how others perceived them to be. So negative, that we leave no room for supposedly positivity.

There have always been two ways of telling a story, yet why do we often stick to and believe in just one side of it? Is it because it’s easier to condemn what has already been criticized, or are we afraid of the truth which we may discover on the opposite end? That we choose the easier and comfortable side? Are we afraid of standing alone and being tagged?

Nobody is ever wrong with what he or she claims to see. Infact we’re all right, we are only refusing to confirm the view from the other end because it makes none of us a winner or loser.

So it is with life. What you see is only what you’ve chosen to see and stick to. It’s doesn’t mean that all what the story is telling. As unfortunate as it may be, sometimes our idea of what someone Is, drags them to become the worst kind of themselves.

All it takes it’s your word to change a life. The caption you give to your life and that of others is how you expect the world to be.

What are you seeing?

Land? Or Boat?

NB: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

It all depends on where you stand, and what you choose to see.

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