There was this lady in my high school days, I would often look at her and ask myself “Why can’t i preach like she does?”. I would admire her and tell myself that “i wished i could preach like she does”. She was not the best, but her message carried some kind of emotion that tells us that she had already been touched by the (her) message before sharing it with us.

This week i took some steps back to examine myself from a different angle. While examining, i told myself that if i had offered a straight degree programme i would have moved higher than where i am today. I probably would have hit the rank that i’m not, today. When i was done demeaning myself, the other me said, “But you wouldn’t have been who you are today”.

This took me to the question of “Who i am, Today?”

For starters, i’m not that shy, and quiet girl anymore. The one who shook like a leaf the first time the microphone was handed over to her publicly. One who only knew how to read the bible and recite about 20 quotations with more still in mind. Not the one who loved stories and could create a memorable story with no strings attached. Yet, still the one who would bawl her eyes out because… Joe the gorilla in a movie died, but later realize Joe was only faking it.šŸ™„
For sure many things may change as one ages, yet some things will remain the same.

I recall my first time at a music launch i was about 10years old then, my mum pointed to a girl of my age ministering a song and said “look at her, she’s just like you yet isn’t shy performing publicly.” She was my greatest motivation at that stage because i felt i could also do the same, hence i imitated every move of her’s including the track she sung.

Yesterday my Sunshine, made a profound statement after i made fun of her for turning into a motivational speaker concerning a quote she shared on her status, she said; Becoming a motivational speaker happens when your life turns into a source of motivation.

Right from birth, our everyday life has been a form of process we are made to go through to mold us into the figure we are expected to become Today, and the process each person goes through differs. The kind of future prepared for you, the kind of person you are meant to become, will determine how your processing is going to be.

It’s a process! You shouldn’t expect to wake up one day and automatically turn a Business Guru, you need to work on it and earn that. It doesn’t matter if you were born into it, you will fail at it if you try to skip any of the processing stages.

The hidden truth is that every strong person was a once weak and broken individual who had to struggle to stand on his or her feet alone. It a stage that when you get to, you know that you’ve hit rock bottom.

A point where we all give up because there is no Hope, no Motivation. Nobody is coming from any angle, you see people yet all they do is walk past you as though you are invisible. It’s a point where you may see yourself encircled by people, yet you are deserted and lonely. You know you’re in pain and screaming but nobody is coming because no one can hear you.

That’s the point lives most hardest decision has to be made. Since you either stay dead or be your Source of Motivation, rise and stand firm on that broken limb and move on. That is the point where you become ”A Reason”, a purpose for which others look up to when they also fall. You become a Source of Motivation not only to yourself but to others and when you speak out, people believe it and hold firmly to it because it’s filled with emotions that clearly say “I’ve been there”.
It wouldn’t matter how you looked or how you used to live life then, all that would matter would be the person you are today.

Whenever you speak out of experiences your message carries some level of emotions that touches each receiver’s heart irrespective of how tow the volume may be. Know why? because you’ve already been touched by it.

So i’m not where i could have been today because there was a process i needed to go through. Things i needed to learn and unlearn. Things and people that needed to break my heart and stay out of my life because i was clinging unto them, never letting go. Those i needed to cut off so i could grow. Experiences that i needed to earn by hitting rock bottom and having nobody to lean on so i could stand firmly on my own today without fear.
As I wholeheartedly write these to you today, with no doubt or trembling, urging you to hold on, not give up or look out for short cuts, rather stick to the process, it’s because i know it’s rewarding.

I’m calmly telling you that if you see me today as a source of motivation, it’s because my life firstly became my motivation.

With each failure, there is success

With each drop of tear, there is a laughter

With each heartbreak, there is mending

Motivation is simply termed as an energizer of behaviour, and that energizer can be YOU!


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