It’s here again, the pressure, stress, anxiety, bitter-sweet feelings, and a long wait for Christmas. The night is here, yet the streets still look busy, the market is as full as though there is no tomorrow.

Everyone looks busy and in a haste to get something done. Some keep shopping for new stuff, others go through nice dresses bargaining with traders to arrive at a favourable price. While some few go through rejected ones tossed out by traders and as well end up with something for themselves. Some traders still hung around with the hope of selling out more before Christmas while others close early to prepare for Christmas.

The night before Christmas, I took a long walk through the market with no definite purpose in mind. But before retiring to bed, I figured out one special thing. Everyone was busy yet happy since they each had an expectation the day after.

It reminds me of the 9 monthly journey for each pregnant woman, everyday is a preparation to welcome someone new, and as well anything purchased for the baby is new no matter its quality. The last trimester preparation turns to double up and is full of anxiety, urgency, joy, and almost everyone is in the mood, ready to welcome a new member of the family. Although not yet seen but this baby is loved since everyone believes it’s going to occupy a greater part of their hearts.

So is Christmas, where every Christian prepares to welcome the birth of the Messiah while Non- Christians find other means to make this holiday worth their while.

It’s a new day, the day every child has been earnestly waiting for, as each parent tries to make everything look so magical. Some make a journey to their church for worship, others turn to malls and fun places, some others also get back to trade more since there are still buyers. The beautiful thing is, no matter where each item was purchased from, no matter its quality, each person wears it with pride.

At the same time, it is the loneliest night for some people. With thoughts of “what’s going to happen tomorrow?” Those with no hope of experiencing Christmas as most people do. Nothing new aside from the worry of how unfair the world seems to them.

But I tell you, Christmas Day is a New day with new hope and possibility. A day that someone would have given out everything to see and least inhale the breath it produces.

Therefore make merry, for the bearer of Peace and the taker of pain is born and is here to make all things NEW.

On the eve of Christmas, the common thing we see is the joy in the eyes of almost everyone irrespective of where they find themselves. I guess that is all that matters.

Indeed the Saviour is Born!

Merry Christmas…

…Many Many Happy Returns!!!


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