There is nothing that brightens even the gloomiest of moods as a child than waking up to beautiful and colourful lights, along with a sweet chorus. With or without a decorated tree. With no words said, it instantly tells you it’s Christmas.

Christmas is noted as a time for merry-making.

A period set aside by Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ.

A time where almost everyone greets “Merry Christmas” with the response “Many Happy Returns

or “Happy New Year”.

A time where loved ones come together.

A time every house and room is tidied up and decorated.

A time where almost everyone is happy.

A time every child hopes and expects to get gifts, while every parent is on the hot seat playing Santa to make it happen.

A time where orphans and the needy look up to the world with the hope of being remembered.

A time where everyone wants, yearns, and need to know that

“They Matter”.

Christmas, during our childhood days, was associated with my family mostly being at a new church. Since we were new, and barely made new friends who would probably gift us something, what my siblings and i did was to wrap a gift for ourselves for it to be presented to us at church for everyone to know and think that someone loved as much to gift us something, Lool.

I spent most of Christmas as a child thinking of the number of gifts I was going to receive, from family, friends, and so on, the new clothes and shoes I will get to wear, new and beautiful decorations in our room, and then Christmas chorus. I guess that is what most children do.

Mostly we think of gifting our loved ones with a lot of stuff on Christmas, things that they may not want or need forgetting about the ones that truly need them.

Months ago i thought of how I was going to celebrate Christmas, the loved ones and acquaintances I wanted to present a gift to, and how that gift was going to mean to them.

The fact is they already have plenty of what I wanted to give them so why top it up? Why not give it to someone who has none and nobody to gift it to on Christmas? Why not give my Christmas to someone who may not even be expecting to celebrate Christmas. Someone who needs to know that they matter too.


Christmas is not limited to some people, it’s for everyone. The rich, poor, afflicted, prisoner, homeless, orphans. The birth of Christ is noted as a sign of hope, Joy, New birth. Where everybody looks for a common thing which is Validation.

Everyone wants to know that they matter and that somebody remembers them. Somebody will give them Christmas too irrespective of who or where they are. Just as Christ’s mission on earth was for everyone and not some group of people.

As you enjoy this festive period, do not forget to share with or give your Christmas to;

The family next door who may not have any special meal on Christmas.

The Prisoner who only think of how they ended up where they are.

The homeless who wonders where his last stop will be.

The sick and bedridden who longs to be healthy again.

The orphan who only dreams of how families celebrate Christmas and long for a mother’s lovely kiss.

All who look up to nobody to give them Christmas but with hope that the world will notice and remember them.

Be and give them your Christmas, showing and telling them that…

They Matter too”.

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