To you all movie lovers, Netflix, dramas, k-drama series, Disney, and story lovers, I say Hi!πŸ˜‰.

Ever wondered why you fall so much in love with a story and sometimes gets sad that it ends, even wished there was a way to lengthen it. Other times even dreaming and seeing yourself as one of the characters in the story?🀣🀣🀣

The simple answer is there’s always a stage and scene to not get you bored. At some point, you see your favourite characters almost achieving their goal but from nowhere something sprouts up and it appears as though they’ve been pushed far away from the finishing line. This goes on and on till the writer decides to end the story.πŸ˜”

This week, I want you to see yourself in a story you are supposedly creating.
How do think is going to be?
Boring to the extent that nobody will be willing to purchase a copy?
Or as challenging to the expanse of it leaving viewers in constant tension, ready with their fighting boots on?

As challenging as my week has been, it reminds me of a question someone once asked me. The question was…

“Is it true that life is a challenge?”

Funny enough the thought of life being full of challenges always move my mind to the process of fertilization.

Right from the million sperms racing to fertilize a single egg. Only one succeeds, but they go through anything to win that challenge. These single sperms are each human being on earth including you and me. A new challenge takes up and this continuous in utero till the baby is born.
After birth, the baby goes through a series of challenges with the developmental growth stages. There’s a stage it needs to learn to sit, stand, crawl, walk, and so on.
After succeeding in a stage, the baby moves to the next challenge but if it’s unable to, he or she has to keep trying until it finally succeeds.

Now, a challenge means to undertake something difficult or a test in one’s abilities in a demanding but stimulating undertaking. Life itself is a challenge, it’s these challenges that make life interesting, and overcoming them makes life meaningful. Without it, we have nothing to compare the good stuff in our lives to.

Imagine if you are given a superpower in fetching whatever you want in a second. You wish for wealth and then 1 billion dollars is deposited in your account. You wish for love, then you get a beautiful partner. You wish for friends and then a ton of really cool friends to have fun with appears from nowhere.
How would you feel if this happens for real?
I guess super, super high. Driving around in your dream car, having a loving partner, with so much wealth that you don’t have to work even for a minute and can just party all day. My question is; for how long would you feel the same level of happiness?

You might feel great for a few days, maybe weeks, at most few months but what will be next? Will you keep feeling so high and happy all the time? I doubt that. Your happiness levels will come to the same level as you have now and eventually everything gets boring and plain. Then there will be nothing special in your life except living the same old boring routine.
We live now at a given moment struggling and doing anything possible to live the next day which is also uncertain but we live it anyway. Why then will you give up on a visible challenge?
Life will always be a challenge, right from high school its the challenge to get into a college, from there you will be attending interviews trying to prove you are fit for a position about 10 people likewise wants when seeking a job. This doesn’t end there because straight after completing a challenge a new and bigger one arises just like in playing any game.

Disney ends Frozen with Elsa being finally accepted by the people; “And they lived happily ever after“…
Only for Frozen II to surface with a new challenge.

Facing each new challenge will make you a better person while ignoring them will make you a weakling, and each time we are through with a challenge we end up tougher than before and ready for a higher stage. If you ain’t going through any challenge in life then you’re depriving yourself of inner growth, you are being stagnant, unproductive, sorry to say “useless”.
Whoever yearns to grow should love challenges and even create one for him or herself in cases of none, and just to live it in his or her way.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

I think my greatest challenge so far in life is having to live for Me, not for others, for the society or family. Living life how I want to live it and not by how the world expects me to live it, in the state of a glass ceiling and checkboxes. Limiting myself to only what seems right and appropriate to the world sounds so expensive to me that living for myself is something I so far doubt I can ever give up on. Not that I will always be right with my thought but whenever something does not feel right to me, it never will be even if the whole world believes in it. It may sound like an easy task to others but it’s so far the greatest challenge I have to face especially when the people you care about are involved. It’s to either give up on them or be selfish enough to choose yourself over them. But then nothing should ever stop a man from growing or living. Whatever your challenge is now, it’s a past task or challenge to someone who succeeded and is at a higher level taking greater risk now. Therefore if they survived it so will you too. Just take one step after the other, living a moment at a time and believing in yourself since you stop fighting the moment you lose that.
I love challenges, even more, when people term something as  “impossible”.

One way I’ve always succeeded is by reminding myself that- I may end up having to stand alone, and somehow I’m not afraid to since I’ve lived life often with the habit of being alone and enjoying it, but I love company too.

There’s a fighter in you whether you believe it or not, you just need to act a little bold and tell yourself; “I will survive this”.

What has been your greatest challenge in life up to this point?
You can also share it by leaving it in the comment box, I’m sure most people including me would love to know about it, and knowing that they ain’t going through life’s challenges alone.

The joy of its success awaits you!

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