So a writer from a group of writers page I’m part of asked this open question to us all, and the question was; “what inspired you to write?”
what inspired you to write?”

That’s a new question for me, never been asked that. The funny part is I’ve never thought of what my first inspiration was, I don’t even know if I ever had one. All I recall is I’ve been writing and I love reading.

In my memory, my first time writing about something was in my second year in junior high school about some ladies in my class then. Not that they had an interesting life to write about but I just wanted to capture a moment of the life they lived before and then. From then I wrote about a sweet friendship turned sour, not wholly but more about the part where I wished I would one day wake up and realize it was all in my dream. I would often turn my written poems into songs and sing them to comfort myself.

In senior high school, I would often write lovely poems and leave them under pillows or notebooks at prep for loved ones. If there was something I wanted to talk to someone about but was too scared to speak up about, I would write it and anonymously leave it at a place they only can find. You know teenagers love to have diaries and write about themselves including things nobody is to find out, I just wonder why we bother writing them down if it’s a secret. On my part, If there was something I could not risk anyone finding out about, I would put them in poems that only I can understand. So you may get hold of my diary of secrets and maybe read everything in it but you would never know what it is about.

From then in college, I began keeping bigger notepads each year for my write-ups. These books, I termed them as my world since it was one place I could empty myself and every bit of thought in my mind. My inspirations were anything, anyone, any place. I would often carry smaller notepads or tiny sheets of paper along with a pen in my purse anywhere I go. The motive being anything can inspire me to write about anytime so I make sure I’m always prepared.

I’m naturally a deep thinker therefore anything I see, hear, or sense I try to give meanings to it even if it’s just a word. Therefore you give me a word and I give you a line, then a paragraph. At first, I thought there was something wrong with me, kind of abnormal. I had some friends and colleagues often complaining about how I make a story out of anything even when we are trying to have a simple conversation. Again I was surprised they never had any story to relate to like I always did, I knew I was sometimes a nuisance to them but I just couldn’t make that stop even when I wanted to.

The truth about myself is that I like stories, I like telling them. I like viewing things from an angle where nobody seems to be focused on, paying attention to somehow unnecessary stuffs even if it involves watching a dog for hours for no apparent reason. I like to explore and expand things so people could see the beauty hidden so deep within. Just not with all movies, but I can watch a particular movie over and over again, not because I liked it the first time. But because it didn’t make meanings to me the first or fifth time, and so I keep doing that till I find the unknown thing I’m probably looking for.

As crazy as it sounds, the slightest inspiration can land me with about 1000 words in minutes, and if you do not know how much worth a single word is, ask a writer.

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Is something that motivates you to be better and do better.

Inspiration awakens us to new prospects by allowing us to exceed our everyday experiences and boundaries. It pushes a person from apathy to possibility and changes the way we understand our capabilities.

Different things inspire different people. There is so much inspiration in this world and I think it is important that we start to highlight the things that inspire us versus the things that discourage us.

Have you ever thought of what your inspiration Is?

Sometimes we see inspiration as something meant for the Artist, writer, and so on. Which is not so. As humans when we are down, we look up and sort out inspirations. Not that inspiration does the work for us, but then it’s the fuel we need to complete each work we do. It’s what we need to give us light on a dark path.

Anything done with the fuel of inspiration has a touch of a person’s heart, signifying purity.

The other true part is, it’s not always to you meet something that inspires you. Sometimes you need to work out your inspiration, you need to pursue it and hold onto it. It’s not always that inspiration moves you to motivation than action, other times it’s from Action to Inspiration then Motivation.

Therefore, as a writer even without inspiration, there is the need to write something daily even if it’s about nothing. Since out of that nothing lies an inspiration.

That is why we encourage people to read, listen to music, or motivations each day. Have alone time, exercise, and be open-minded since doing that turns to inspire you, get you high, and active for success.

There is no need to wait for inspiration, just become your inspiration.

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