For the sake of my dad, our family was always relocating to a new place. We never lived continuously at a place for more than 4years in my life. As a child and growing up it was fun having to relocate from one place to the other.New Home, New Neighbours, New School, New Friend, and a New Life. Each new place felt that way for me, like a chance to start life afresh mostly when the last one was messy. I went through each of these new changes with the only constant thing in my life being my family.As much as I can remember, I am going to elaborate on these new changes and how they affected me.A New Home and New Neighbours,After the pressure in packing every stuff making sure none is left behind. The joy upon seeing your new home makes all the pain disappear, and you tend to worry less about unpacking since you may probably have forever to do so.My siblings and I would often race to pick a room and then explore the whole place trying to figure any new thing or if our dreams about the new home did come to past.
Meeting and getting to know the new neighbours was always the simplest since all one had to do was to say “Good morning with a smile” and the rest falls in spontaneously. Plus one gets to do that with family and hardly alone.A New School and New Friends,The toughest part of all to me, what makes it terrifying is that it often requires one doing it alone.As often as I heard that plain sentence, I never got used to it. “Are you new here, what’s your name?” Sometimes I wish the teachers and pupils to call me by my name and not refer to me as “New Comer”.A new School, to an introvert like myself, gives a bunch of butterflies in the stomach and you look at the whole school, where everyone knows each other and everyone already has a friend. You are not adapted to the school surroundings, never met anyone at that school, and are afraid to talk to someone.
You are shy to step up to someone and initiate a conversation. You are sweating with anxiety, scared to talk to anyone. At a point, you will wish you could go back to the old school and your old friends no matter how much you hated being there.But then you only lookout to one thing, that one thing that takes all the fear away; “A heartfelt Smile“. One that may never utter a word, but tells you all you need to know to survive there.A NEW LIFEA new life here isn’t meant by being born again, it’s being given a fresh sheet, new chapter, or a second chance to rewrite the wrongs, having to meet new people you might have never seen before. Each new place felt this way since humans although different in a way behaves the same, therefore each experience was easily dealt with.A New Life comes along with the feeling of living with no guilt of the past and hope to be a better person if you weren’t in the past.A new life with the hope that the New place may carry good will and better memories for the future.In all, these changes have helped to understand people better as well as relating well to them. We can never learn if we do not undergo new things and these new experiences are what we term as “Change”. As scary as a change in ones life can be, there’s always a reward attached to it.Sometimes the people around you may fight or question that change for how tough it may be on you. But remember, they do that mostly not because they are worried about its effect on you, rather the effect of that change on their lives.Never fight a new experience or Change in your life, rather embrace it no matter how tough it turns out to be, they are only there to make you tougher and prepare you for your future.To all everyone who blessed my first day with a smile, I’m ever grateful.

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