If you have ever hit rock bottom or been through a very tough time in life, you may have asked yourself “Is there a purpose for this suffering in my life?”

Suffering means going through something hard or tough.

One depressing moments of my life was when someone asked me in a very pitiful tone “What have you done to suffer this much, what wrong did you do to God that he will give you such a cross to bear?”
I couldn’t hold back my tears then, it felt so bearable as I kept asking myself “Why me?” but if not me who else?
Who else deserves to go through that.

Then you find most people asking this;
Why do the righteous suffer?”

What is the purpose of pain and suffering and do we go through that because we deserve it?

Several times we might have seen and heard of awful things happening to good people and often it seemed like the good people on earth tend to have a shorter lifespan.

Each person suffers in life, we only feel some people deserve whatever they go through and expect those we see as living right to have a perfect life which isn’t fair, no one is created to be the judge of the other. No one deserves to suffer, yet suffering turns to be the pathway that leads us to become a better version of ourselves.

Imagine you getting everything you ever wanted with no pain, no struggle, or challenge. Some people may say “yeah! That will be great”,
I say ” that will make you weak”,
and then when something hard finally hits into your life you would not know how to handle it since you have never been through anything that strengthens you.

To be human is to suffer. While there are few certainties in life, one certainty is that we will all suffer at some point in our lives. Whether it is the result of an illness, the loss of a loved one, or a traumatic event, we will all endure our fair share of suffering. No gain without pain.

That suffering is your friend, maybe not at the moment but for the evolution of your soul, for the long term benefit, for you and for a purpose. Definitely worth more than the pain.

Everyone of us is called to greatness and every experience that we have is part of the process of bringing us into the full expression of that greatness.

If the suffering that I am enduring is part of a larger plan, how would I behave? How would I speak, act, and think if this place is part of a greater good?”           Nelson Mandela

In every circumstance, we can choose to either shrink down in despair or use whatever resource and opportunity we have no matter how small they seem. To hold true to our values, move towards our dreams, and to act and think like the kind of person we choose and desire to be.

Name every successful person you know, try listening to them, get to know their past and you will come to understand that they all suffered for the purpose they are living now.

Speak of any religious group, there was a price to be paid for it to still be in existence. Someone suffered, went through so much pain for such purpose. Talk of Islamic and one name is well known Mohammed, Christianity and there is Jesus Christ. Not that they could not give up, not that they didn’t have a choice but they gave up everything, surrendered, and endured the suffering for a purpose greater than anything and themselves.

Some people suffered for our country, some gave up their lives without regret for the freedom we are enjoying today, and they did that knowing very well they may not even live to see it but they did it anyway for a purpose. The purpose being that the next generation wouldn’t have to go through what that they did and suffer as much as they also did.

Today we have them all to look up to, and a reason to not surrender but endure it all.

What purpose are you also living your life for?
What suffering are you enduring for that purpose?
You do not deserve to suffer, no one does. But just look through that pain and ask it “what level are you taking me to?”, and when you are able to see the brightness at the end of your suffering it will only be what you focus on.

Forget about the pain, forget about the suffering, don’t look out for shortcuts, don’t compromise. Just Concentrate on the result, on the outcome, and on the purpose. For at the end you will certainly know that it was worth it.


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