Let me take you back to your elementary school days when most of us use to sit in pairs on a desk in class. Often the person you share a desk with is most likely to be your friend in class and it’s a bonus to you the more when the fellow is of the same sex.
Even when he or she is not, you tend to familiarize with each other as time goes on.

Now, do you recall that moment when the class teacher gets up one day and begin swapping sitting places? That feeling of you and your deskmate praying earnestly hoping that you get to remain on your seats especially when you are in good terms and do not want to be separated.

Then suddenly one of you is moved and paired with someone you’ve hardly noticed or talked to in class. I guess we all can share Our pain and sorrow on that especially on that first day. But then you stay together for a week or two and you realize you just made a new friend to add to your list of friends.

Today I want to talk about something almost every person detests, but needs, which is CHANGE.

Indeed, one of the scariest things on earth is change, and sometimes is not that we do not want a change yet the fear of the unknown holds us back.

Change is the only constant thing in our lives and whether we like it or not, it’s sometimes inevitable.
I want to talk about it as per my own experience on CHANGE.

Years ago when I finally joined the working-class group of humans, I was assigned to a Unit that was less busy, less stressful, and so little need to work under pressure. I could even sit and monitor my clients, my scrubs were constantly neat and straightened no matter the time of the day, and my movements were just so majestically. The whole environment was soothing and quiet that I could even take a lunch or supper break.

Then after six (6) months there was a notice informing everyone that there were going to be changes meaning I could be stationed at a different unit.

I was alarmed a bit because I didn’t want to be changed to a different unit knowing very well how my other colleagues were suffering there. I seriously didn’t want that, didn’t want to get myself dirty or suffer like the others. I begun praying asking God to keep me there since it was a comfort zone for me. Then the answer was “I can keep you here but tell me, are you happy being here?”.
For a minute I was still, then I looked around, thinking of how calm and less stressful it was yet I was not happy being there. I didn’t even like how I was being treated there, and how I couldn’t exhibit my full potentials. Then the second answer was;
Why don’t you let me lead, it may not be where you want to be but where you need to be and I will be with you“.

From that moment my prayer topic changed to “Take the lead, LORD”, and I was moved to sing the song;

“Shepherd of my soul I give you full control wherever you may lead I will follow… be it in a quiet pasture, or by a gentle stream the shepherd of my soul is by my side. Should I face a mighty mountain or a valley dark and deep, the shepherd of my soul is by my side”.

The List was finally in and guess what? I traced my name to the most stressful and terrible unit in that directorate. In consolation I told myself “it’s okay, someone survived there, I will”.

I assumed duty there and it was worst than I thought. Within three (3) months, my weight moved from 60kg to almost 54kg. The pressure was too much that I always got home tired, exhausted, and empty. There were most times my bladder got full and I couldn’t visit the washroom but helped others to do so. I would often get thirsty and hungry but couldn’t take a break since I needed to feed my clients.
There was no time to even sit and document what I had done. There were times when I got traumatized over losing a client, other times when I wished my tears and prayers could save a soul but didn’t seem enough.

Yet in all I survived, gained all the knowledge which could have taken me decades to acquire. I met great and amazing people who appreciated even the little I could offer. I made the best of friends and explored as much as I could. I learnt to work under EXTREME Pressure, write while walking, defend myself and speak out without fear.
Above all I was happy, loved and I knew I was strong enough to face any challenge.

A change can seem as the most terrible thing one can go through in life but after walking through you realize it was the exact thing you needed. A progress in life is a changeover, one will forever remain poor if he is too scared to face the challenges and difficulties becoming rich requires. Leaving an abusive and toxic relationship may be painful, one may feel the fear of regretting later but a change and moving on will prove to you that you deserved better.

Change is a very painful process, but sometimes we need to move out of our comfort zone, struggle a little so as to get the change we want and deserve. If there was no need for change in our lives, we would have probably only experience Day and never Night or vise versa, but they are all needed to make life better. A change in life mostly moves us to a higher level, helping us to build upon our lives exposing our unknown superpowers and the beauty within us.

We all need a change in our lives otherwise a child will forever be a child and never experience adulthood.

A change gives us the opportunity to experience what we have been missing all along.

You will never know how much you’ve been missing until you give yourself a chance to experience something new.

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