Who am I?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Let’s do a quick check here;

How many of us were often seen or used to see ourselves as ugly, unattractive, weak, weird, the rejected, unsociable, one anyone can pick on, and the list goes on? Then one day you wake up and you are totally the opposite.
How many of us still see ourselves that way?

Just pat yourself and smile.

Let me simply put it this way; You don’t know who you are YET, so you only stick to what others think you are or what you think you are;

Identity Crisis a feeling of being uncertain about who or what you are.

A 7 years old girl’s mum was once telling me her daughter says she will be a doctor in the future, so I asked the girl why she wanted to be a doctor and her response was “because my daddy says so”. It may sound funny but she is just a child and being a child involves doing and liking whatever your parent like and do, not that its lovely but the child has no understanding of that, they are just following directions. She is likely to grow up and want to be something else.

But then most of us although not a child anymore, yet act just like them. We allow ourselves to be controlled by others by believing in what they see us to be, we then stick to it and ignore any possibility that they may be wrong about us. We neglect the importance of knowing ourselves, who we truly are.

Some people when this puzzle is laid before them “Who are you?” only think of the name they bear. So I’m pushed to ask this question;

Are we only what we are named as?”

Who am I? or Who are you? goes a long way to identifying what we are, who we want to be, our purpose on earth, and not what other people think or see us to be. Or how lowly we see our own selves.

Most of our tragedies in life are because of not knowing our true identity. Until you realize your true Self, you will believe yourself to be the name that has been given to you…

No offense, but I think you’re Ugly”

I’m sure most of you were probably shocked or had a change of facial expression after reading the above, but don’t take it to heart, it was just a mind game. I know for sure you are not ugly but asked yourself, if you’re not why then did that assertion affect you?

I ask again; Who are You?

You are not who you thought you were in the past, neither are you who think you will become in the future, you are the Present, the Now, at this very moment what or who you see yourself as. That is who you are and that is what others see you as since is what you are projecting yourself to be.

Therefore if you start evangelizing you easily earn the nickname “Pastor” not because you are one officially but to the world, that is what you are projecting yourself to be. Likewise, if you pretend to be an alcoholic or act like one people will automatically term you as such, not because you’re one but since that is what they see when they look at you.

Who people describe you to be doesn’t necessarily define truly who you are. It’s just what they think you are, what they see you to be, or what they expect you to be. That is why it’s important to know who you are so as not to confuse yourself with what others think you are. As well as growing to attain and explore your full potentials, giving out to the world what you were created to serve it with.

In reality, you are an eternal Soul. For infinite past lives, the Soul has been hidden beneath a mask of ignorance. Due to this, you have been unable to experience the true Self. With the grace of the Spiritual Master, it is now possible to realize your true Self through a process called Self Realization. You can only know who you are when you become True to your own self which comes with making time to examine yourself, appreciate yourself, and believing in yourself since no one else will.

The only person who cares more and is concerned about you is YOU. Sad enough most people you encircle yourself with hardly wish for you to come to the stage of Self Realization because when that happens you cease to be what they want you to be.

Identity Crisis is one major thing that hinders people from reaching their dreams and goals in life. Its what brings fear and limits liberation.

The mere fact that you are in an enviable position in life or done checking the boxes or even in your retirement age doesn’t mean you are way past the line of Identity Crisis. As far as where you are doesn’t give you a sense of completeness or satisfaction, you are still lost in your own world and perhaps living in the world of others. Being who they say you are.

To the question again.


One thought on “THE IDENTITY CRISIS; Reposted

  1. Who Am I I Am love I Am what Women Worship and man dreams of I Am Destiny eternity Humanity Serenity Je Suis I Am Good I Am Bad But I am Im cause I know where I am from in who I was Born to Be identity crisis I don’t have

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