A period of new life or growth. We all know rebirth often comes after a painful experience. One which renews and empties us.

To survive sometimes we have to start with a changing process.
Get rid of our unpleasant old memories, die a little inside, and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of ourselves.

Rebirth is the process of being
reincarnated or having a new birth.
Anytime I think of Rebirth, I think of these two beautiful creatures.
An Eagle and a Phoenix, who both go through a process of being born again.

The Eagle has a lifespan of 80years.
In the first (40) forty years it’s very strong and healthy, great at preying other animals with none daring it to come face-to-face with it. After the forty (40) years, its long flexible talons can no longer grab prey for food.

Its beaks begin to bend, with the Wings growing weak. Its feathers stuck to its chest, making it difficult to fly. At this point, the Eagle is so near death and seems useless. Instead of being the hunter, it becomes the hunted but tends to have only two Choices. Either to die at age 40 or live another 40years.

If it gives up it doesn’t only die but tends to become food for even those creatures that feared it once.

On the other hand, if the eagle decides to live again it’s required to go through a very painful process of change lasting 150days. It flies to the highest mountain top and sits on its nest.
He hides himself in the rock for this period without food and sometimes water.
It then begins to knock its beak to the rock till it gets broken and plugs out all its feathers.
This makes it so vulnerable since it tends to be very weak and weary at this stage.

It stays there till it’s able to regain its strength.
When it finally does, it comes out full of energy than before.
And can be on top of the tallest tree and see clearly what it’s beneath that tree.

The Phoenix on the other hand is destined to live 500 -1000 years, after living that long it builds a nest around itself and then ignites into flames and burns itself with ashes as the only remains.

But from the ashes, a new, younger Phoenix arises and it will go on to live a new life. This symbolizes the end of one life and the beginning of another.

We all go through a process of Rebirth in life. The death of some aspects of ourselves that needs changing to allow the birth of a new and better self.

The Rebirth process is very painful, involving skinning the dead aspect of yourself for the possibility of new growth.
One may want to give up at a point but like the eagle, there will always be a choice, either to give up or endure it.

Securing yourself in that secret place where you get to let go of your dead old self. Pulling out each painful and sorrowful feather of heartbreak, disappointment, rejection, failure, and so on, for new feathers of love, joy, and peace to grow.

It may take more days even years, but when you hold unto the belief of renewal, you shall rise like a Phoenix out of the flame of fire, soaring high like an Eagle to the new life that awaits you.

Nobody can go back in time and have a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make A New Day with beautiful memories.

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