We’ve seen our world move and change in amazing ways for the sake of people almost nobody ever cheers on but are always available to enjoy the fruit of their labour; The Risk Takers. They’ve never been more intelligent, smart, well connected, or extra ordinary in terms of being human. They’ve always been people who knew what they want or what the wanted to accomplish and went forward for it, ignoring whatever was being said behind them. People who only stayed bold and confident even in the eyes of failure. One of my often read quotes has been “Be Bold, even if you are not just act, nobody will know the difference”.

You may have heard or witness some people whose risk taking and effort of boldness brought change into the lives of many even to those who were against them. I talked about Dr. Tererai Trent in “Its Achievable“, there’s Harriet Tubeman (a slave who became the Moses of her generation), Maurice Hilleman who single-handedly developed more than 40 different vaccines including vaccines commonly given to children to prevent measles and so on.

How can i forget the daughters of Zelophehad (Mahlah, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah) who knowing very well the laws given to the people by God yet saw it unfair for them to be denied of the inheritance of their father who didn’t have a son. Without being called they dared facing Moses, the priest Eleazar and the chieftains at a stand where women were forbidden. Not only that but spoke with determination, demanding they be fairly given what was rightfully theirs. With God confirming and supporting their demand to be right, a new and permanent law was made out of their bold and risk taking act. Note this; laws are set or made for the sake of men and not men created or made for the sake of laws.When life is unbearably hard, the easiest way is to run, but the only way to overcome it and any other demon in life is to face it. The two paths each person is often met by, Seek Comfort or Take Risk.

Now, the comfort zone is junk and overcrowded since nobody there is willing to do something, they all want to just live as those they met, comfortable even if its without joy. Since they feel like when you’re there nobody tends to be envious of you, nobody will have to try pulling you down, there is no work to be done, no new path to take, no challenge to pick (oh that’s too stressful) because somebody has already created and walked that path so there’s nothing new. No surprises, no pain to gain something, just living each day like the day before, and they term it as “Comfort”.

That’s living cowardly, so afraid of how your shadow might turn out to be if nobody walks directly behind, too scared to even shift from your sitting position. That is choosing to die while living, not wanting to have any new experiences or be truly happy. Being mediocre, not living for the purpose you were created for, not striving but trying to just stay safe. That is failure and so shameful.

To be bold means daring and brave, not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger. I’m not saying Risk Takers are extremely bold and fearless individuals, because being bold can be so terrifying most at times.But then, what does it cost a person to be bold?

Nothing! except being aware of the risk yet deciding to go through with his or her decision, ready and willing to accept any consequences if things do not work out. To me that is choosing to stay alive each day while breathing on earth.Its amazing though, how most people will risk nothing, stay within their comfort zones yet are the first and best when it comes to merrymaking for the failures of risks takers. They don’t stand up for anything or anyone just stay in their shells playing safe and waiting. Not even hoping or praying for the success of those risking it all just waiting, not that they do not want a change for themselves but are too scared of failing that they don’t even try. Just play it safe and stay alive but what is the essence of living and aging like Methuselah when all those years were without meaning, not even to yourself.

There’s always fear of the unknown and so much “what if’s” yet we can not live our lives in fear. We can not make random decisions so as to stay safe and just live, we can not turn down opportunities for fear of failing and being mocked or ridiculed by cowards who don’t even try yet excepts us to live like them.

We need to make bold steps, take risks, pick challenges, succeed and live life feeling fulfilled even when the world describes that as failure.Not just any risk without evaluation but Calculated Risk knowing the impact of the risk, it’s probabilities and reward attached.

Now what i want might be scary, so frightening that i may take each step with my whole body shaking up. It may be something nobody has ever succeeded at or a path nobody is willing to walk along with me, or a decision that leaves me standing alone and failing alone.

A journey of no return which may require me risking everything i’ve ever cherished. But i will still move on boldly as far as what i’m risking it for is worth it all.

I hope you answer this question sincerely;

If a true prophet is to tell you now that your death will be by a road traffic accident (car accident), how will you live life afterward?

1. Avoid vehicles and walk for the rest of your life.

2. Live life as normal and happy as it makes you.

3. Not certain.




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