Its often said that a thousand mile journey begins with a step.

How giant or small that step is i don’t really know but i know its each gentle step we choose to take and i’m emphasing on the word Choose since our life today is a total sum of choices we made yesterday to which our realities tomorrow will be based on.

We may never know how far we can go until we take that single first step and with that our whole life is changed forever.

An empty bowl is as hopeless as how empty the carrier sees it to be.

An artistic brush its as useless as its lazy owner.

A leader weighs to his followers as much as the lowest currency.

A sheet of paper only remains plain for as long as the writer delays to drop an ink.

A single raise of muscle fills the empty bowl, a single stroke of a brush create beauty, a single word sums up to a whole book, as low as a currency is its valued by all.

Before i started this blog i promised myself that i was going to post something each week, sunday preferrabily no matter how life turns out to be. If i was sick or not, happy or sad, busy and stressed, if i felt like writing or not, even when there was nothing to write about.

It was easy with at first since i already had prepared write ups which were awaiting to be published. One of my worries were what if i run out of ideas? What if nothing inspires me within a week, what would i publish? Yet i held unto the statement “Take the first step, that’s all you need to do”.

It’s always easy with the first step I can say about 80% of people do take that step, the challenge is when you get midstream. That is when you will find about 75% among those who took the first step giving up and turning back. It’s funny though, if you’ve never been there you will make fun of those who turned back but I guess they did better than not taking the step at all.

To tell the truth I do get there once in a while with no thought, no inspiration. Times when I totally have nothing to write about, I would sit by the computer for hours or hold a pen and pad each minute wishing to have something cross my mind so I can at least write about, but then there is nothing. With the clock ticking and drawing close to the end of my deadline, I write about “Nothing” and that nothing turns out to be everything to somebody out there.

There have been moments when I felt like I may not be able to achieve my aim but I only knew I could not take a step back. Its always meant to be a little step forward. So from that first post with each struggle and challenges I finally made it to the hundred.

Last Sunday it felt good seeing that and I just couldn’t stop shouting “Wow” to myself. Not that I didn’t believe in myself to get there but I never felt it will be too soon. I’m not done yet and a hundred may be little to someone who has gotten to thousand. But I guess the important thing is that I’m still taking tiny steps each day, not for myself but to whomever it may concern.

Its been this way for each person, we always know of the opportunities visible before us, we are just too scared of making that bold step and failing. So we stick to the comfort zone to stay safe. But we only fail if we never take that step, if we stay in that circle not wanting to grow. Like a child who is past the age of crawling yet still do so for fear of falling while walking.

Other times we see some opportunities to be too small and as such waits for bigger ones to come our way but there can only be bigger opportunities after the small ones.

Every great thing we see and admire in our world today started with someone taking a small step even when there was no other person to hold unto. With that step came the first fall, the second, third and probably the hundred before turning out big.

The key thing to note here is that with each fall we grow into a higher level of experience which gradually brings us to success.

Make a conscious effort today to take a bold step on each decision concerning your life, there will be falls but there will be glories too.

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