The state of being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth comes along with a strong persuasion or belief. Conviction is not based on stimulus, rebellion, or going with the flow. It requires thorough exploration of a matter, concentrated thought, and committed practice. Conviction is the word that gets our attention, it causes us to stop and think. When asked about our deepest conviction, any conscious person should immediately look inward towards the things that make him or her think. When you hear or read words on the subject of core beliefs or what you stand for, it should make you stop and take inventory.
I have talked about Believe and then Faith in my previous post, but the common denominator of these two is Conviction. Belief is an idea that is accepted as truth with or without evidence, Faith as well is a strong and unshakable belief. Conviction isn’t just a mere idea or opinion, it is something rooted deeply in the conscience that to change a conviction would be to change the very essence of who you are. Belief starts with conviction in the heart and if you can not stand firm in your faith then you have no faith at all.

When we are babies we learn by observation and exploring our own personal evolving senses. When we are children we learn from examples from those around us,; so you see a child learning to speak a language those she see around speaks, and imitate everything they do believing it to be the right thing. So we read and speak articulately by accepting as truth; that the words we read, say what we are told they say, and the sounds we make, mean what we are told they mean. No doubting or the feeling that “what if they ain’t?” Because a child never cares about that, and that makes them sweet because their belief and conviction is in what they are told; ”Any wrapped thing that is sweet is a candy”.

When you are grow up you are expected to make decisions for yourself based on your knowledge, experience and perception. You will find some parents complaining that their children have grown stubborn never listening to them and doing things their way. Well that’s because they are adults now, they’ve had a lot of experiences, seeing things and believing it not by how its being described to them but by how the thing presents itself. They ain’t being stubborn, they are only sticking to their own conviction.


Life is either by Default or by Conviction. By default means easy and reaction feels good in the heat of a moment, since its always easier to go with the flow than fight it. By conviction is taking a stand, putting your feet firmly on the ground that is right to you. Its living in accordance with what you believe to be true according to what you have been convinced as true. The amazing thing about conviction is when its deeply rooted you do not worry about what others belief to be true since you have every part of your whole being pointing to that side, That along with faith and belief brings about healing, prosperity, and all the magic one can ever think of.

Anything we do on this earth requires conviction, like to say if you do not believe in yourself how do you expect others to believe in you. If you are not confident and convinced about your capabilities or who you are, you will never live it and by not living it, it means you are not certain.

There’s a story about an eagle who was raised among chickens, and everyday it did what the chickens unlike the eagles are limited to do, saw itself as a chicken even though it looked different from them. Once it saw something above it which flew majestically through the cloud, so the eagle asked what it was and one chicken responded “oh that’s an Eagle, he’s the King of all birds and master of the skies, but we belong to the ground because we are just chickens; don’t worry about him you will never be like that”. So that eagle lived and died as a chicken because that was what it thought it was, it never probe further nor did any investigations to be certain and convinced, that was all it was, A Chicken.

It’s often sad when you meet people who just stick to what others believe, never probing further to have their own evidence of whatever it is. Some even not only describe, but see others as how they’ve been described to them by someone else. I always say its always best to have your own version of me than to accept what someone gives you, who knows they may be wrong. You do not need someone to control your thoughts, you should have authority over it and that’s the first requirement in living by conviction. My mum would often ask someone to talk me out of a decision I made or something and often they leave sticking to my conviction. Its funny since often they come with no conviction of their own on why I should change my mind and stick to what my mum says, I guess they come being on my mother’s side because she is the parent and out of respect. I don’t even bother convincing them I only tell them why I made that choice and often they leave saying “your decision is right, stick to it“. Parents knows best, but believe me, they are not always right likewise we all.


Conviction also requires commitment which is so important since most people are so good when it comes to “Advicing“, I suggest they use the word “MANIPULATINGsince that’s what they actually do, and they do it over and over again that if you are not committed to standing firm you will give up your conviction and lose. Commitment comes with sticking to your conviction and shutting yourself up to the world. You will never give up or compromise for everything will be deeply rooted inside of you no matter how heavy the storm. Since in your heart your conviction is your believe and your strength.

Your belief in your religion will be baseless if you are not living by your own conviction. What will tell someone about your religion so they also come to believe in that? How serious will they take it if they see your own conviction about that to be weak, and you ain’t even living it? You should be capable of forming strong thoughts on all sort of matters even expressing them freely. You are what you believe in and that is what you live.

What conviction do you hold that you will not give up, you will not surrender and you will not deny?

Every great tree started as a couple of nuts who stood their grounds.

My personal convictions are deeply rooted that no amount of storm or wind can move it.

Your conviction is who you are, Live it! Stand firm!


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