I remember calling my dog foolish after i had hit it for messing my beautiful dress up out of the joy of seeing me, with a sad face it goes to lie calmly away from me. Minutes later after feeling guilty for my actions, i call out to him and it cheerfully speeds up to meet me like nothing even happened.

We often see children jumping here and there during the day, laughing, playing, falling, crying doing all those stuffs they like to d,o and even being hurt by the ones they trust and love, then finally goes to sleep like its the end of the world. The next morning, you see them so freshened up and bright like a ray of sunshine, acting like it’s their first day ever with little or no memory of how hurting the previous day might have been.

The fact is children value the blessing that each moment gives out, they see it as something worth treasuring even is just by staring at the moon. That is why you may hurt them or break their hearts, they will cry and after the tears dry up they let it go and live the next minute as new and fresh as it truly is. They ain’t stupid as we see them, maybe childish, but being childish make them leave behind the past, neither consume their thoughts with the unknown future but instead live in the Now, the present since that golden. That is something that they possess of which adults do not, yet adults look down on it.

Consciously or unconsciously we are fond of worrying either of the past or future and dwell long in them that the most precious of all passes us by quickly and unseen like it did not carry any valuable thing within for us all. Indeed being and an adult comes along with loads of responsibilities, less time to waste, more time spent in thinking, planning since one can not pave way for failure and so many thoughts of “tomorrow“. As sadly as it is, while we spend most of the ourtimes thinking of what probably went wrong yesterday and trying to speculate how tomorrow may turn out to be. The precious “now” as in today sorrowfully walks away and as faintly as we make it seem all traces of it is easily blown away with the wind behind it.

The future is always known to be bright and broad that most of the rush into having a glimpse of it. After al,l why wonder and settle with the tiny gold that this moment can only offer knowing very well that a diamond lies ahead. The disadvantage it’s reaching the point of your supposed diamond only to realize that it was a mere stone that had the sun settling on causing it to shine from a distance.

A simple scenario, something almost we all do. You go to the mall to purchase a shoe, find a nice one and it fits perfectly but you put in back in place in move on, not that you did not like it but you had the feeling to move on maybe you will find another which is nicer. Luckily you find a nicer one but it doesn’t fix since its smaller. You then rush back for the first one you saw only to realize it’s been taken.

Sometimes we are too quick in life to move to the next level without properly surveying the level we are at and with that,t we miss what was in it for us. It’s like reading a book, the anxiety of wanting to get to the end especially when interesting or full of suspense. Yet it’s important not to skip a page or a paragraph or line not even a word since each of it carries an important message no matter how short it may be, and together they sum up to make the book complete. You can not as well get stuck on a line reading it over and over again just because you liked the statement. You will never know what the next like or chapter is going to be or what it’s in for you to learn about.

Our life is in the same sequence, no matter how bitter or joyful it stage maybe you can not jump over, you need to go through it step by step living and appreciating what each moment offers. You don’t get stuck at a place just because the next step is broken, you fix it. It may get ugly and you may mess yourself up, but remember that its a process, and you can not skip it since when you do that vacuum will forever be created.

One reason I think Photography and Art is amazing is their ability to capture a moment and preserve it. Maybe not all but they see the beauty in a moment that most of us do not notice and they make it known to the world.

Living in the moment isn’t about daydreaming since daydreaming gets people stuck in either the past or unknown future. It’s about focusing on what’s happening around, crying when there is the need to, laughing your lungs out when you have to, exploring, learning, and unlearning. It’s about being appreciative of what nature is offering, being there for those that love and need you.

It could be a simple gesture like a smile at the aged or waving at children in the past. Living in the now doesn’t require you to do great or extravagant things, it’s doing the simple ones that nobody values or even notices.

There are children who would pay their parents if they could just so they can fix them in their busy schedule. Wives who wished their husbands could often tell them how beautiful they look and not only when they are in bed with them. Husbands who wished their wives could appreciate them for being themselves and not see them as embarrassing or find faults with them. Also, my pet who I could have appreciated for always remember and is excited to see me no matter how many times it is within a day, instead of worrying about the mess a simple laundry could solve.

Like the hourglass, no matter how tiny the hole the sand passing through maybe, one part keeps filling while the other keeps emptying,g and no matter how fast you are you can not undo the past neither can the tallest man teach out to tomorrow.

All we have is Now, this very moment.

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