Have u ever held a Bible and it felt so empty like there was nothing in it 4 u?

Have u ever felt pain like u were suffering from multiple stab?
And all of a sudden it didn’t hurt anymore.
Not that the stabbing nor pain stopped
Rather u died and only felt numb to all that.

Have u ever felt like ur only ticket to happiness
Was it at the bottom of a bottle?

So you drown yourself in it and after that bottle is emptied, u wake up again and you’re back to where life ended before you had that bottle.

If so then welcome to our
Individual Worlds.

All over the world with different people being it in gender, race, status, and so on. We are all living in our separate world and by that I mean we all are individually fighting invisible wars in our lives.

Being it struggling to make ends meet, living with cancer, in a toxic marriage or relationship, struggling to fit in.

The thing is people will only see the person they know you to be outwardly but never the person battling in another world and sometimes they may pick up on you or resent you for what they see you to be physically.

If only they could see the struggle behind each straight and moody look or the pain behind each isolation or quietness and not being able to fit in. Maybe they may cut you some slacks.

Though they never see the struggle or pain, but must it stop you from fighting the battle in your world?

We look at some people, how they live, having the luxury we ever wish for and then we tell ourselves; “this life is so unfair”.

Yeah is not, and that’s how it’s been made, otherwise, how can it be fair when all you see is your beautiful and happy family having to live in poverty whereas in the most beautiful mansion lives a sick and troubled family.

We don’t need to be perfect in this world since we are not in our individual worlds. No matter how people choose to see us to be we still have to live on.

Some decisions may be wrong and the effect on our lives may be terrible which may cause others to look down on us but ” so what”.

Who knows what their choices would have been if they were in our stead, fighting the same battle in their world.

It can hurt so much to hear people badmouthing you even when the person isn’t closely related to you. I can tell the pain to have people judge you way before they try to even hear your side of the story.

But that wouldn’t change anything as much as your current situation doesn’t change who you are. It’s just a situation, It will pass.

People will always talk,
Let them talk,
It will make you famous, and as they do so just concentrate on yourself.

Concentrate on winning the war in your world, and build up the person you want to be.

Just succeed, It’s the best form of revenge.

We will live this world together, but we will still dwell in our Individual Worlds, fighting invisible wars.


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