LADIES; It’s Always Achievable

As we celebrate mothers in the month of May, I want to celebrate Women in general with the woman who’s inspired me the most on earth.

A great woman who changed her life and that of the generation onwards moving from being a child bride to become a global voice – A symbol of HOPE.

Dr. Tererai Trent an American- Zimbabwean, born and raised in a small rural village in Zimbabwe at a time where women were married off when they were young before they could define their own dreams, the life they wanted for themselves. Although education wasn’t a priority amongst women, that was all that she wanted and saw it as a pass way out of poverty for her.

She started learning to read and write by secreting reading textbooks and doing her brother’s homework which was later discovered. She was made to finally go to school after several plead with her father which didn’t last since she was married off at age 11.
At age 22 she was already a mother of four children carrying her fifth child and that was the first time a white woman from an NGO asked her what her dreams were.

Astonished as she was, never thought of what her dreams were or if she a black oppressed, marginalized, woman was ever meant to dream. She was asked to write down her dreams, she did on a piece of paper folded it in a tin can and buries them under a rock.

Her first dream was to go to school in America and attain a college degree
Second dream was getting a Masters degree
Third, A Doctorate Degree
Then later added the last goal to improve the lives of women in her community.

It took her 8years to attain a high school diploma still married to a man who continuously abused her since she wanted to be educated. After which she moved to American along with her four children plus the abusive husband and attained her BSc in Agricultural, later Her masters and finally her Ph.D. It took her 20years from the time she wrote her dreams till she attained her Ph.D. Indeed “It is Achievable” like she states if you believe.

That is just a summary of the whole story excluding her struggles, the challenges, what that 8 years of failure meant to her, how much others saw her to be wasting her time trying to change the unchangeable. Then there is life in American as an international student without scholarship along with her children and abusive husband. But she kept on with the struggle since that dream was all that she had and giving up on it meant accepting to let her female children and generations to come to go through the same thing.
So there was no option, it was either to achieve that dream and bring that change or accept failure and watch others like her children suffer like she did.

When you begin to see the brokenness in yourself, the brokenness in others, and in your community. You begin to hear the yearning in your heart, the yearning to change the circumstances.
Then you realize that is neither your past nor current situation that is going to define your greatness in life, rather how you look at the ugly situation in your past or one you are still living then ask yourself “is it breaking my heart enough?” If it is, you will have nothing to cause you to have doubts and give up.

Like the dream that breaks our heart, when you want something so badly, a vision to change not only your life but that of others, whatever you write down becomes embedded in your thoughts and whatever is embedded in your thought can be manifested. But it’s not about our personal goals in life, not about the degrees we want to attain, nor our personal financial goals but it’s about how our personal goals, financial goals are tied to the greater goals. Our greatness in life comes from realizing that I am because of us and because of us, I am!

So like The Girl who buried her dream in a can under a rock believing it will grow and grow and grow.

Women, we all ought not only to keep dreaming but making it a reality.

I stated once here if you fail to pursue your dream and then you give it up as a sacrifice so someone else (family or friends) may attain theirs, you will only end up with regret and as a person full of resentment.

The only thing weighing you down from pursuing that dream is “YOU“, it’s never the person you are giving it up for.

Hold unto whatever you want to achieve now or in life. There will always be a struggle but its there so you can one day understand how it truly feels like to succeed.
The thing is the universe is always conniving for our success.

You Can! You Can!

Keep Up!

Don’t Give Up!

Just Believe!

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