Right from conception, she gives out her liberty so I can be comforted

Switching and craving for foods even the unnatural ones.

Yet she learns to cope with each of the changes my presence may cause

Even her sleeping pattern is changed to suit mine

Then when I’m ready to see the world

She goes through excruciating pains and it’s so unbearable yet she endures it all

I’m told it breaks her totally

Yet when I’m finally out, all I see is love and pure joy in her eyes

Then she wraps me in her arms tightly and so close to her heart

Like someone was going to take me away from her

I have searched beneath and beyond

For a word to describe you but none found

My eyes tear up though I’m bold

And chest feels like it’s going to explode

I guess Mother is the best word

Since it produces the best ward

Momma always want to get me to feed

Even before I classify it as a need

Momma’s smile mends a broken heart

When the world sees pain as an art

Momma, favorite one isn’t worth a fight

When bestie is my birthright.



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