A funny clip that’s been circulating about our world coming to an end, and that everyone will possibly be dead by June 2020.

As hilarious as it may sound, it will certainly come true. Definitely not dead as how the person implied but we will be dead to a lot of things and have a wake up call to things we were previously dead to.

It will consist of learning and unlearning some aspects of our lives.

One of these days we are going to wake up to a whole new day, a day after COVID-19 giving us a new life and a new beginning. But how prepared are you for that day?

Currently, there’s lockdown for most countries being partial or fully and almost everyone is to stay home. If you’re affected by this lockdown, ask yourself, “what good thing is coming out of this for me? Am I walking through it, or is it preparing me for a whole new me?”

Along the way within this same season, some people have either lost their jobs, on the verge of losing it or were already unemployed, others have become homeless, become orphans, widowed, separated and so on.

While some people spend most of the day watching soap operas, spending time with family, being glued to updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, others suffer from insomnia for fear of what their lives are going to turn out after this. Others try to make the best out of it and creating amazing opportunities for themselves after this.

To think of life after COVID-19 is intimidating. The changes it has brought to our daily lives keeps our heads spinning. It keeps roaming in our world and on our streets like a Grim Reaper, with an hourglass waiting for the last drop of sand inorder to take away a soul.

Our awareness of its potential harm is still limited.

Nevertheless, with so much rebuilding of society that will need to be done and so many opportunities that will present themselves for shaping a better society, we do need to think beyond the present.

We need to think beyond our current pain and agony.

This pandemic has indeed turned our world upside down and is challenging us as a nation, as a state and as individuals in ways we never imagined. We are seeing creativity, innovation, and people ready to bring out what they never thought they had in themselves.

We often hear the old adage that in challenge there is opportunity. In crises our minds are opened to new thinking and new ways of doing things we once thought were impossible or too bold to imagine.

The advancement of technology and it’s usage that sounded so wrong to some people have become their only source of interacting and reaching out to the people they convinced to do away with.

People are reaching out to know more about the one that is said to be capable of saving all and as such we are going to see more religious people than we ever did, after this pandemic.

Our appreciation of each other is deepening, we are believing more in ourselves, valuing what we have and what we can achieve, our understanding that we must work together is heightened, and we see anew the beauty and sustaining quality of nature.

In our life after COVID-19 we will realize that as much as this pandemic was in to break us, it has as well made us stronger and wiser.

Life after COVID-19 is going to be all the above and more but there will still be people who probably were put to sleep before this and only woke up after it was over; in a more understandable way there will still be people who will remain the same, unchanged.

Those that only remained ideal, never planned for the day after COVID-19 since they hardly cared or hoped to see it come to.

Whatever we are seeing and going through now is temporal and will soon pass by. What’s more important is the unknown, the life beyond this day, The Day after COVID-19 and how you are planning on living it.

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