We are indeed in those times, and I recall the only time I’ve ever witness such pandemic so scary that we don’t know when it will end or who will be alive till then has only been in movies.

Movies where me and my siblings will pinpoint some people we expect to survive till the end, some disappoint us by dying others fight till a vaccine emerges then its all over and the movie comes to an end.

Well this time its real and in my world too and we don’t know when its going to end, how its going to end or who gets to stay alive till the end.

Our world is hurting. We’re in trouble physically, economically, politically, and spiritually – and day after day the news across our nation reminds us of that. Some once beautiful and peaceful places turned into a graveyard.

Schools and businesses closed down for our safety and to contain the spread.

Sick parents taken away from their children.

Fear gripping those quarantined and their families. They wake up each day worrying about “what if they test positive”

People from different categories dying, the best in specialist, ministers, celebrities, governors, the rich and famous all not being exempted.

10,000 of people dead, 100 of people dying daily in some nations is a catastrophe we’ve never witness in our generation.

Families losing everyone and sometimes one person staying alive to tell the story about them all, and not even able to give them a befitting burial.

What did we do to be punished this much?

How much more of ourselves are we to loose to this deadly virus?

When will all these rest?

Where lies our hope?

Where is the saviour?

Each morning as we leave our homes for work through the busy but now quiet roads with little or no knowledge of what awaits us, but we live on with the hope of getting back home Safely.

So we stick to every measures as much as possible, the passionate desire in our hearts, the feeling of expectation that this too” Shall pass”.

As much as we cannot avoid helping our clients by touching them, we only hope and pray to the saviour to keep us safe.

Not that we don’t see death each day, or are we afraid of death. Its inevitable and we can’t change that but we wouldn’t people dying prematurely. Dying without a chance to know how things could have been better for them all and loosing the opportunity to be known in a better way by the world.

We ain’t used to this, we ain’t used to the habit of wearing facemasks everywhere we go.

We ain’t used to overlooking while someone is falling for fear of touching them by giving a helping hand.

We ain’t used to being locked up, not even being able to visit even family so as not to spread the virus.

But this is our life now and we live it out of fear more than for safety.

We are afraid of falling sick, even being down with malaria or common cold since our temperature may go up and may be misread by others.

Everyone is too careful of the person nearby.

Its all been quiet tough on us all but we are clinging unto the one that can save us all.

The one that has power over all these.

Some people say “we may all not live by June, 2020″.

But I don’t think a little hope will kill; actually its all what we got left,

Hope for our broken nations.


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