You will never know that this day as you walk out of your house is going to be one that will change your life forever.

I’m certain if  we all did know, we would put everything in order. Sometimes if we could go back and start the day afresh, we would make things right so as never to regret. Since regrets can be left for a fool.

If there is one common thread among idealists, it’s our deep desire to help and support others, be they family members, members of our community, or fellow humans across the globe. We understand that for most (if not all) of us, the novel corona virus feels uncertain and scary. But in spite of those feelings, many of us have still been moved to ask, “How can I help, what can I offer?”

We’ve all seen the state of our country and other nations. We worry for our loved ones far away from our reach. For our businesses on the verge of possibly collapsing due to a lockdown, not being able to tell who is affected or who is not by looking through their eyes, and yet worry about “what can I offer?” Out of being helpless and ideal.
What can I do?

Indeed, if not all most people have been doing something  throughout this outbreak. Its just unfortunate it turns out to be something that drains and squeezes the little breath out of us even more and faster than this virus.

We claim to feel helpless and want to show others we care by visiting them knowing how much we tend to expose ourselves, rather we feel is okay to sell commodities like sanitizers at a higher rate twice it’s normal price because demand is high and we want to earn more.

We know how tough this outbreak has been for each one of us. We know the needy ones among us even within our churches yet at this trying moment, while storing foodstuffs for your home, have you thought of how they’re going to survive? Especially now that prices of food stuffs are at a rise.

Or do you rid them off the little Money they have till they have none to keep them safe and alive. Yet complain of how selfish most  politicians may be.

In the end we are all the same be it politicians or whatever we all turns to abuse and cheat the less privileged with the least chance given.

What can I offer? Ask yourself, what can you offer in this pandemic?
You may never be able to comfort the sick but you, while staying home can choose to pray for them and the world. Remembering those countries where people have lost almost all their families and loved ones.

Offer your love by making sure even the less privileged can afford and purchase what you sell so they may as well survive.

Offer your care and love in a manner you can. If you are a frontliner, its not all about how much you work but how much you care and always remember that you can only care for others after caring for yourself first. Be the hero that lives to tell the story.

You may think staying home is doing nothing, but staying home is the first step in kicking this pandemic out of our lives.

In the end we will all come together to build our nation again with the little help we can all live to see that day.

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