It is often said that if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.

Who or what is the enemy within?

Its a threat that exists within a community, nation, or oneself.

A threat from an external source is easily defeated no matter how huge they may present, yet a tiny threat from within us tends to weigh us down and sometimes crashes us completed.

The most strongest thing that has won most battles without even lifting a finger; Fear. Gripping each soul of what its ever known to be true and replacing it with something False without even having to pay attention to it.

Fear has often been the enemy within each person and its one of the greatest enemy of man. Its an enemy which has stopped most men from actualizing their visions or attaining goals.

Its made most men give up on pursuing something with the idea of not ending up failing.

Fear gets hold of the subconscious mind of a person and like a plant when continuously nurtured growths to become big and bigger.

The more we think about being afraid, the more opportunity we give fear to take control of our lives and then run away from battles we were surely to win.

In our recent days of being banned from attending all social gatherings including church for safety sake in such pandemic.

It felt like being captivated for most people. It was like their right to worship has been taken away from them.

You will find most Christians and other religious groups panicking and so afraid;

what are we going to do, four weeks without church, how will we survive?”They forget that they’ve survived other days outside the church hall.

They forget that they still have their bibles in their hands and God still dwelling within each one of them and not it that building they’ve set up for worship.

They forget that their creator its greater than any pandemic.

When fear gets hold of you it clears out all memory of what you already have in your hands and replacing it with the thought that “you can never have that”.

Its okay to be afraid, but its never okay to let that fear be in control of your life. No wonder coward are said to die many times earlier than their actual death.

Fear kills faster and easier than any disease. It drain ones heart of any hope or faith one already had.

It paralyzes the soul and shrinks the heart of any flow of blood leaving an individual like the walking dead.

Fear is the enemy within us, an enemy nobody should ever entertain.

In times like this, we are all bound to be a little scared. With percentage of people dying in some countries greater than we have ever witnessed it tends to be okay to be afraid, that makes us human.

Yet in other to conquer this virus, we need to hold unto each little hope we have left. Hold on to what and who you believe in.

We need to feed our minds with the positive thought that the Lord will see us all through and instead of wasting time considering every issue to be political and as a threat. Let’s stay knowledgeable and not ignorant of how to stay safe.

We are indeed what we think about. Nurture and build a strong person within yourself so there will be no vacancy for any enemy (fear) to dwell within.

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