The story of Dumbo an elephant who was born quiet differently from all other elephants. It had ears bigger than the size of a normal elephant. His owners were disappointed when it was born, seeing a baby elephant with ears bigger than that of its mama’s was so disgusting, an embarrassing figure to their circus display. People would throw things at it since they saw Dumbo as ugly and useless.

They hardly knew that those big ears were meant for flying because they never paid much attention to it. When they finally realised what Dumbo could do with his ears they move him from the grass and embarrassing spot to a one of grace.

From there it moved from “Dumbo with Ugly Ears” and became “Dumbo the flying Elephant “. The one ugly creature people never wanted to see, becoming the creature people will pay any amount to see.

In our world, sometimes we find ourselves in the spot where people demean us because they do not know our worth. What makes us special is what they feel disgusted about. Often that specialty is seen as a deformity till they notice how amazing the disgusting figure is.

We are created just how we all are for a purpose, our unique appearance or difference may not suit what is well known to this world but it will suit our purpose for creation. All you and I have got to do is let the world see and know the beauty hidden behind our ugliness. Dumbo would have only been known as The Elephant with ugly ears if he had not tried something new like carrying a feather in his trunk which lead to him flying.

So never let the world keep you in a box just so they can hide and avoid your ugliness rather explore, be open to new ideas so you can exhibit and bring out what is hidden in you.

Another side of the story of Dumbo is that, he thinks the reason he’s able to fly is by carrying a feather in his trunk and for him that feather is the source of all his confidence, a reminder that he’s capable of magical things.

Then one day, while flying, the feather slips from Dumbo’s grip. There’s a moment of panic until he realises he can actually fly without it.

The feather indeed was his enabler, but his ability to soar was in him all along.

Often people needs to be triggered by something or someone before they can do the magical thing. But keep in mind that your ability to soar, go high above is hidden in you. You only needed a bit of a push, but its all in you.

Just believe in yourself.


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