Music make you feel something inside you.
Something that you can not see
So strong that it sometimes make you feel like you’re going to explode
So beautiful such feeling is
I wish I had the right words to describe it.

Music make you know how something feels like, not just what it is.

Once admitted to the soul, it becomes a sort of spirit and never dies.
It takes away pain but can also increase it depending on how you use it.
It has the ability to touch us emotionally where words alone can not, thereby acting as a magical key that opens even the most tightly closed heart.
It can make you feel so empty and full at the same time,
So weak and strong.

Music is a Divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.

It makes you so emotional and very sensitive
If you’re addicted to it then you know what I’m talking about.

The way the sound moves and blows away like the wind, softly and calmly.
Sometimes it makes you forget who you are, where you are, or what’s happening around you especially when you’re soaked in it.

The feeling that something is calling from the inside.
Like a powerful force that’s pulling you into it
No wonder people easily get trapped in it.

The one thing we all have in common is music.
It’s the universal language breaking all culture.

There’s this special connection that we all have as humans with sounds.

We connect with it instantly, tune on a track around a 2year old and they can not help but dance to the beat.
We instantly understand the vibrational connection of all things through music.

As much as it does all these, music can be used as a weapon or as a component for healing like 432Hz and 528Hz.

It can be used to change the world because it has the ability to change people.

It is our greatest weapon in conquering almost everything on earth.

Folk music, with guitar and harmonica, played by a single singer can be a devastating weapon in the war for social justice.

One singer with a guitar can inspire a whole nation to act differently.

Many say the pen is the most powerful weapon, but in the ancient tradition of oral speech in pre-Christian times when nearly everyone was illiterate, music was the greatest means of sharing ideas, music and the recited poem where no pen was needed.

Unlike writing a book, all music requires is a passionate heart, talent and the motivation to create. Unlike a book, you can go on the street and music can be heard by everyone. Without even words, the sounds of music can drive a listener to act in a more positive way, to appreciate the beauty around them.

That’s what Music does to the world.
Bringing Joy to the saddened heart
Healing to the sick
Oneness to the world.

So next time, when all words fails, just remember Music speaks.
When all means of treatment fails, remember Music has the power to heal.


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