What is the colour of love?
Is it pink, white, purple, green, yellow, red, blue or what have you.

For years most people have battled with what colour is truly appropriate or best fits love and for the sake of Valentine the colour Red was chosen. But is that truly the right representation of love in terms of colours?

Let’s take a brief look at some colours and their meanings.

Green:- this colour has two common meanings, nature and environment, and wealth and health. It also symbolizes balance, prestige and vitality.

Pink:- Its known to reduce the incidence of violence and it symbolizes love, feminine, sentimental.

Purple:- Its noted as royalty, majesty, nobility, spirituality, and mystery.

Red:- This symbolises passion, romance, danger, energy, excitement. Often a red rose is given as a symbol of love.

Orange:- A blend of the colour Red and Yellow. It symbolizes from sh, creative, and youthful.

Per this, I guess I can say the colour for love is more to do with Pink than any other. Yet it doesn’t truly define what love is.

The one word no amount of words put into sentence has been able to explain perfectly; LOVE! Indescribable, incomparable, and incontainable, one that melts even the hardened heart causing the eyes to water.

Come to think of it, has love got anything to do with the colour attached? If there were never anything used to represent love would that has totally been a problem? Could we still not feel it like we do each time?

The whole thing is we attach stuffs to things which we may never need. Like to say although Valentine’s day has been set aside to celebrate love, but must you wait till Valentine’s day only to show someone how much you love them?
As special as  each colour we attach to love is to us, so must everyday with the people you love be Special and every moment. Since we know not which of these days or moment will be our last with them.

They may not live to see the surprise you’ve probably prepared for them on that special day, so why not make each day special and a day to show love. Not only to those who love you back but most importantly to those who ain’t expecting any.

A friend of mine told me last week that One can choose Red today for love but it will turn into something else when things fall apart. She put her classification into 3 stages.
According to her, at the 1st stage everybody chooses Red because we think Red is for Valentine’s day n therefore it’s the best colour for love. 

At stage two we try to choose the colour the eye or heart admires most like yellow, green and so on, because we get satisfied when we use them.
At stage three, we choose our colours depending on the actual doing of the day since by then we tend to know actual meaning of the colour, what it stands for and its impact on the day.  
She concluded with this;

“It takes two to love. Either between people or objects. Therefore we consider the heart of the two before a perfect love colour can be printed out. The real colour of love is in the heart at the point of love😉”

If I’m ever given the permission to choose a colour for love, I will pick white; its untainted, with hope for  beautiful possibilities. A colour signifying fresh beginning. I get a chance to fill in with any other colour of my choice and can easily blend.

Love indeed is not giving out the excess but more than you have ever received.