THE VERDICT; All Rise!!!

I know often people give us all evidences to prove them guilty, but what do we do? Ask yourself “what do I do?”

Do you just stick to their self condemnation worsening their agony, or do you tend to prove them wrong by showing them their innocence and walking them into the light they could not see.

Do you even go an extra mile in your homes, workplaces, on the street to a total stranger. We’re often moved to drop an extra load on their plate so to weigh them down while we rise up.

We forget that sometimes people plead guilty not because they are guilty but so that those surrounding them may stop pointing fingers at them, badmouthing them, so that everything may die out fast, and so that they may be freed off the heartache and trauma of being judged and have some peace.

We are too fast to judge people and make them feel unworthy way too quick before we hear out their story. We are blinded by our eagerness to throw the first stone that we overlook the pain in their eyes, and their silent bleeding heart calling out for help.

You cannot just look at one thing, one error and judge Someone’s whole being yet almost everyone does that, we overlook the 98% good part and stick to the 2% negative.

We’re always wandering, looking out for someone to blame even for our wrong doings and as long as there’s someone to blame after a crime we bring ourselves to admit that we are innocent even when we are not.

Its so easy to stretch out a hand pointing to someone else but not us and we do not even bother about how much each finger directed at them affects them.

How much weight it puts on them, how much far it pushes them away from the world and from the hope that they can do better.

We ain’t always better than the people we see as guilty, there’s just no one convicting us of a crime. We’ve all made mistakes in our lives, made wrong choices at a point. One that when people get to know of they may probably stop putting us at the graceful level without knowing our stories.

If not all, most people want to be better but sometimes, some circumstances pushes them to do stuffs that they end up regretting but can not undo, stuffs with end results that messes the whole being up making the beautiful and glorious part of them invisible. I don’t mean to say that we should cheer on somebody who is doing something bad, but when the fellow is remorseful then there is no need for further accusations. Rather a hand to pull them out of the dark. Someone to tell them that “you did wrong, but that doesn’t make you evil, you only made a mistake”.

We cannot undo the past but can always create a new future for ourselves. We being judgemental while we’ve never walked a mile in their shoes, coming to terms with the fact that we would have done same or worst makes us the evil ones. We cannot push someone into a cage just because we believe they are guilty, we cannot even plead them down, No! Not until you know all the facts.

We have no right to see ourselves as better people than they are, No! Not until we’ve listened to their story.

There’s always a reason in their stories, and a light at the end of the tunnel we have or they have kept themselves. It only takes a smile and a hand to lead them out.