Every time a new year rolls around, a lot of people set out to better themselves. They promise they will lose weight, find a new job, or maybe even take a vacation. But why do we make these promises to ourselves and where at all did this come from?
New Year’s resolutions started a long time ago with the ancient Babylonians, who made promises at the start of each year in hopes they’d be rewarded favorably by their Gods. Fast forward thousands of years later, and New Year’s resolutions continue to be an annual ritual that many participate in year after year.
New Year’s resolutions are easily made but notoriously difficult to keep. Often the pressure of a new year leads us to make lofty goals and expect immediate change but mostly results in a recipe for failure.
As annoying as it is we find most people asking others “what is your new year resolution”, sometimes inorder to please the person or so as not to feel left out we rush to lay out some resolutions we never thought about. Being asked ” what is your new year resolution? ” is similar to being asked “where do you see yourself in the next 10years?”, reminding you that you’re now part of the “Grownups“.

About 35% of us who make New Year’s resolutions break them by the end of January, only 23% of everyone who makes a resolution sees it through to completion. Like a journey begun from January with everyone so energetic, full spirited and ready for anything life may throw at them. Quarter way gone some give up and accepts the challenge isn’t something they can win so they turn back looking for something lesser. It gets halfway then another quarter adding up with new people dropping and turning back daily. By December the remaining ones who stood their grounds, holding on and fighting all obstacles comes out checking each box signifying completion.

Are you part of the ones who make resolutions only to find you’ve given up before you ever really got started?
One of the most common reasons we break our New Year’s resolutions is that we get a little overzealous when we make them and we over-commit.
Also we often make the wrong resolution or more than one wrong resolution. The key to successful goals making is not to be hasty when you do it. Make resolutions you’ve thought through and are willing to dedicate your time and energy to.

It can be difficult to stay motivated even when you’ve chosen one well-reasoned goal. Many of us lack motivation and accountability for our resolutions, despite our best intentions. Always stay motivated with motivational quotes and videos as well as staying close to people who keep you motivated.

Committing it a great key to success in anything. If you’re not 100% committed to your goal, the odds of staying motivated are not in your favor.

Its a New Year with not less than 360 opportunities. A chance to undo and achieve what you were unable to attain the previous year. With this new age you are more equipped to face the challenge.

Get that notepad or dream board and put in what you want to attain this year, start working towards achieving it.

It is possible this time too and never too late.

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