ALL THAT MATTERS ;The Day After Tomorrow

The Day after Tomorrow may seem just hours away which is right even though its a mere addition of a second. But on the Day after Tomorrow, it will seem like a decade to others. So I will end the year by giving out a brief knowledge I’ve acquired.

The year 2019 has been a whole lot, its been an endless testimonies and joy. Its been a year of fruitfulness and productivity.

A year of yearning for peace amidst the noise and crowd. A year where most saw as famine while others enjoyed its richness.

A year where most people only knew pain while others we greeted with love each morning.

A year where some people couldn’t celebrate their birthday because it was not a leap year, while others complaint of how they had to celebrate it with the same faces each year.

A year where a mother wished she could die to save her only child, while another cursed her own. One where a woman put in all precautions to maintain a pregnancy, while another tried all means to abort her own.

A year where “Hope” sounded like shouting at the deaf, and “Believe“, a fool’s slogan. Where “ Love” couldn’t lie even on a doormat, and “Faith” as empty as a desert.

A year where some people only saw beauty in their reflection, and ugliness in others. Where anything different (Special) was seen as a deformity, and anything they could not attain as a dislike of theirs.

A year where most married couples fought for divorce and claimed it as their door to freedom, while other couples fought against all odds to be married and also saw it as a gateway to their freedom.

A year where all the wrong seemed right, and the right seemed wrong. Where anything was as important only as you tag it.

In all, if we are to closely examine it, nothing changes each year, its only a season and how you choose to view it from your end. There’s always going to be pain, sorrow, and worry.

Someone is always going to be more beautiful, more intelligent, smart, interesting, be the first in everything but so what? It doesn’t make you less a person.

There’s always going to be someone having what you want most and devaluing it. One’s joy is going to arise at the moment of your deepest sorrow, and it doesn’t mean they are more blessed than you are. Its just their season of joy and yours a season of sorrow.

The rain doesn’t pour at every place at the same time. It starts from one end and spreads to the other. Sometimes it skips a particular town and pours on the next, and that doesn’t mean that town is forever going to be deprived of rain. Its just not yet it time.

At the end, all that matters is that you do not sell your soul to the devil, no matter how tough life gets. Its only a season passing through.

All that matters is that you live a day with the hope of seeing a brighter morning.

That you realize the importance of the Day after Tomorrow, since its all ready to give you its all.

Keep having a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year which begins…

“The Day after Tomorrow”

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