THE ULTIMATE GIFT; 12 Days Of Christmas

The Ultimate Gift is a movie which main focus is on a young (Jason) Who was hoping to be becoming a millionaire after his grandfather’s(Red Stevens) death, little did he know that a different fate awaited him. His grandfather had other motive seeing him to be the last vestige of hope for the family. I quote from Red, “Although to date your life seems to be a sorry excuse for anything I would call promising, there does seem to be a spark of something in you that I hope we can fan into a flame. For that reason, I am not making you an instant millionaire.” What Stevens in the end gives to Jason brings about The Ultimate Gift story, consisting of 12 gifts.

At Christmas, we entered the gift-giving season with everychild thinking and hoping of pretty packages wrapped under a tree. But the 12 gifts received by Red’s grandson are significant not only in their number – the 12 days of Christmas and the 12 gifts received by Jason Stevens – but also by their nature. I will explain each gift and what Jason was to learn from each, as I believe there are lessons for us in each. So as we celebrate this Christmas and the few days left within its 12 days, just as the 12 gifts we will know and appreciate any obstacle put before us. That we don’t end up seeing them as something to ruin us but to better us.
Each gift was chosen by Red to teach Jason a lesson and to develop character in him and each time he succeeded at the fulfillment of the requirement of one gift, he was given the next, until at last, he received “the Ultimate Gift.”
One key thing to note is that Jason was not receiving a rich inheritance but he was receiving a series of gifts. If he failed in the task required by each gift that would be the end of the gifts.
The first gift was the “Gift Of Work.
Jason was given an airplane ticket to Texas and nothing else to work at a ranch belonging to a friend of his deceased grandfather. His first task was to build a fence. That day he sat all day. The next day, he also did nothing. But the third day, realizing that the receiving of “the gift” meant completing the task, he got up before the 5 a.m. breakfast call and began working, putting up a shabby fence. The next day, he started “doing it right” and ended the month having built a fine, sturdy and straight fence. His reward was his grandfather friend’s judgment that anyone who could build that fence could be successful at anything.
Before beginning this journey he lost everything, luxurious apartment, car, money and above all friends, since they only were by him for what they could gain and not lose.
So his second task was to find one true friend.
The Gift of Friendship”.
If you happen to have one true friend, you have more than your shares;

Its so sad that most people are surrounded with lot of people to have fun with but never one to call a True friend. Most often people laugh to jokes, and are available wherever you go, not because they like ot are concerned about you but for the sake of what they may gain by being at your side. You will only know who is true when you have nothing to offer.

Jason found himself alone without a friend not even his long-time girlfriend .There was no place to live, he slept on a park bench. It was there he met a child, Emily, and asked her to be his friend. She asked what was in it for her. The condition was that he could not buy friendship. She agreed to be his friend and upon a needed interview with the executor, she said, “We have been friends for a long, long time.” When asked if she intended to remain his friend, Emily said, “I expect to remain his friend for as long as I live.” little did they know that the little girl has a fatal illness.
Emily on the other hand had a goal of her own which was to find a husband for her mother, Alexia, as her father had abandoned them when Alexia found out she was expecting a baby.
Having experienced the gifts of work and of friendship, Jason earns a check. He takes it, declares his independence and desire never to see them again, and leaves.
He later gets to know through a video that he must give the $1,500 away. Which is

The Gift Of Knowing The Value Of Money”

Jason somehow finds out Alexia (Emily’s mum) was going to be evicted if she couldn’t pay $1,600 in rent. He made arrangements to pay the bill but he only had $1,500. He promised to pay the remaining $100, which he did through various nefarious means. Being someone who previously spent millions of dollars on frivolous living, Jason learned the value of money for a home for Alexia and Emily, strangers who were becoming “real friends.”
In summary Jason receives a total of the following gifts through a series of exercises and experiences:
1. The gift of work ; he must learn to value the lessons and fulfillment of work.
2. The gift of friendship; he must learn to value others for themselves.
3. The gift of money; he must learn the value of money and the good it can do.
4. The gift of family; through experiencing his dysfunctional family and their inability to express gratitude, he must learn the value of family.
5. The gift of gratitude; through recognizing his own pride and arrogance, he begins to develop humility from which comes the gift of gratitude, being thankful for gifts.
6. The gift of laughter; he must learn to see the joys of life.
7. The gift of problems; he must learn to welcome problems and to learn from them.
8. The gift of learning; he must learn even if learning is painful.
9. The gift of dreams; he must have his own dream which allows him to dream of helping others fulfill their dreams.
10. The gift of a Day; through the eyes of a dying child, he learns the value of every day of one’s life.
11. The gift of giving; Winston Churchill said, “You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give. Jason learns the joy of giving.
12. The gift of love; this is the ultimate gift to care for others more than you care for yourself and to live for others more than you live for yourself.
In the end, Emily dies, Jason inherits $100 million and gives it all away and he receives Emily’s gift to him, Alexia. Called to the estate’s executor’s law office, Jason is told that he has fulfilled all the challenges given him and he was now to receive the remainder of his inheritance; $2 billion. The money is secure in his hands, as he will now use it for others.
Our lives are a series of gifts, not prettily wrapped in bright, colored paper, but in the form of challenges, crises and conflicts, which if received (embraced) will produce in our lives character, courage, convictions, commitments and companionship with other with whom to share life.

Above all the most precious gift to me, among the 12 is The Gift Of a Day.

We find ourselves devaluing how much a day means to us, we spend it anyhow not taking note of the memory we leave behind each day before retiring to bed. The harsh words we say to our love words, the ones we don’t even mean yet felt so offended to say sorry. What do you do when you wake up to find out the person is no more and the last memory they have of you before dying is the one you will in turn have to to live with for the rest of your life regretting.

The value of the gift of a day to a dying person or their love ones. Waking up each morning to find them still alive and that they didn’t expire that night is something they will give their for just to see them still alive each morning. Knowing very well that death still remains inevitable.

To a child is the joy of having to see all his or her loved ones again.

It’s only when you begin to values The Gift of a Day, that you will know how much each ticking of a clock is worth and how loud it sounds.

As we all celebrate this christmas, it’s make it worth each day, learning to value each one of the twelve gifts.