The crown is mostly an ornamental circlet often made of precious jewels and seen as a symbol of sovereignty or as a reward for an achievement.
It is mostly decorated with fine stones, diamond, pearls, rubies, and so on. But it comes with a sacrifice to be made and the heaviness of the sacrifice it requires is what I term as The Weight of that crown and not when the crown is weighed on a scale.

The Weight of each Crown varies, and are designed as per the wearer’s rank or position.

The biblical resonance is hard to miss, Christ emptied himself and chose to submit himself to his father’s kingdom plan, even to the point of death wearing a crown of thorns. His voluntary humbling lead to glory. He has been given a name above all names, that at the mention of his name every knee should bow in heaven, on the earth, under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD to the glory of the father.

The overt message of the crown is that Glory requires sacrifice or sacrifice leads to Glory.

The crown entreats the bearer to sacrifice him or her own desire for something Greater.

Anybody you see holding a higher or enviable position sacrificed as huge as his or her glory and is probably still doing so. Royals, politicians, or the lady next door who you may hate since she seem to have it all, at a point had to deny themselves for the position or glory they hold now.

A video of some group of people travelling to a place, each bearing a cross. One man passes some few miles, looks up and tell God that he is tired and that his cross is too heavy so he pleads to God to reduces it. With no response from God he cuts of a piece of the wood and moves on. Half way through he does the same and cut off another piece. He repeats it the third time leaving it so light and less heavy to the weight that pleases him.

Finally they all got to a broken brigde, the others laid their cross and crossed but when he placed his cross down it was too short to fit and help him cross to the other end like the others.

We all have a crown ahead of us but it’s weight or value will depend on how huge your sacrifice will be.
Some people give up their crown for a short term reward or pleasure, they see the sacrifice so huge to stick to and give up on their victorious crown.

Others go halfway but when it gets a little tough they see it as the end of the road for them and give up, forgetting things partially done has no reward attached to it.

Some people also go through it all almost to the end but they are pulled down by the love ones calling them below, and they heed to it out of fear of loosing them.

But I tell you if only you can imagine the crown awaiting you and how gracefully it has been decorated you will not give up, or turn back because there is nothing to go back to, Victory and Glory lies ahead. Don’t forget nobody bears another’s crown, its each man for himself.

You may be struggling your way through life and feeling like giving up because you still end at the bottom each time you try.
You may be faithfully serving an ungrateful and undeserving employer.
You may also be a student who puts in his or her best but fails at the end, well I can say Thomas Edison failed 999 times in creating a light bulb but when asked how it felt to have failed that much he said “I didn’t Fail, I learnt 999 ways on how not to make a light bulb”.

I do not know what sacrifice is required of you today, but although denying yourself may look like drudgery or slow death, there is Glory to come and this light momentary affliction is preparing you for a crown that weighs more than your pain.

Such is How much a Crown weighs, as per what you sacrificed.
The Glory belongs to the one who denies him or herself.
Failure to do so may grant you a temporal desires of the heart but loss of something extraordinary.

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