HOLDING ON; A Journey To Success

Whoever has never failed in life, has one way or the other never tried climbing the ladder of success. Never learnt to hold on in difficult and desperate time, and keep holding when it worse leaving you with the feeling that ” There’s more to hold unto”.The joy in succeeding comes as a result of constant failure. If you have never failed at something, you will never know how it feels like to succeed, the tears of joy it comes along with, sometimes making your knee go weak.Holding On- is by grasping something or someone in order to maintain a condition or position.The journey to success has no destination, often with a difficult beginning, crooked midway but with a happy ending. It requires persistence, involving working sincerely and wholehearted, planning, learning, loving what you are doing, and above all the ability to Hold On. Often we tell people hold on (wait, be patient); but the great effort needed in holding on can truly be felt when you are the one holding on and not telling it to someone.Life can be downright difficult at times. It can box you in and beat you down, holding no bars. While no one ever said that life would be easy, many of us were often ill-prepared for just how hard things could get. When we suffer through repeated failures and setbacks, getting through the tough times in life can seem like a fairytale fantasy and may seem like you’re wading through the seas of hopelessness.Like a tornado swept through your entire being and left you empty and devoid of hope, strength, and any ounce of self-belief.Some people are so fretful and worry too much, wanting and yearning to complete the journey forgetting its a process and they have to go through each of the stages it carries them to. Some sticks to shortcuts which will only give out temporal pleasure and satisfaction. They forget life is not about being completion but fulfilment and so must hold on, and strive to achieve something that will last forever.Holding on can be extremely tiring and frustrating and as such one may loose their faith and hope. You may feel left alone with the world against you. What you may be longing for may not appear overnight, you may not enjoy every minute of the journey, but the success you will find at the end will make it all worth it. Just stay focused and positive when it feels like you are falling apart.There’s always going to be struggle. There’s always going to be an internal conflict on either to “Hold On” or “Let Go”. There’s always going to be someone who will tell you not to waste time on what you’re doing since its useless. But know what and why you’re holding on because that is somehow going to be your strength.

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