Victory they say is indeed reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.

Its like walking into a mall seeing something you want and need so much, but you can only take it away and call it yours after you’ve paid for it. So when you can’t afford it at that moment, you walk out, do anything possible to get the required amount to be able to purchase it.

We all want to live the dream; one that keeps appearing even when you close your eyes, one that keeps you smiling for a long while and away from earth until someone pinches you and you get so mad at them for bringing you back to reality.

We all want to be successful in every aspect of our lives. We want the beautiful loving wife, or strong loyal husband, the luxurious home, brands of each latest ride, looks of a warrior or a goddess.
We want to be financially free so we don’t bother looking at the price tag of a shoe or dress before adding it to our list. We want our children to lack nothing, be in good health and travel the world with them. We want to have our own businesses by doing what we love, and above all find happiness and contentment in life. In all, is either this or our own version of it, but ask yourself “am I paying the price to earn that?”

There is a price to anything we want in this world, somehow the higher the price the more quality the thing attached. As fair as God and nature is; you give out something little and you get a price that is worth it, in the same manner if you pay a price that eats almost every bit of you your reward is as huge as it can make you feel and know that it was indeed worth it.

As smart as most of us humans can be, we expect to receive the good things in life without actually having to shake a finger. Some even sees it as a birthright which should straight ahead be handed to us just for being born. We want to avoid hard work at all costs, yet what we ain’t realizing is that “Nothing worth having comes without substantial effort”.

If you want an amazing relationship, Want to find your dream lover and nurture a lasting, intimate relationship. Want to see your spouses looking beautiful, strong, loving and being faithful. You first need to work on yourself in becoming what you want to see in them. Be willing to overlook the ugliness in them and handle their dark side.
Be prepared to face rejection, develop your communication and social skills, build attraction, learn to compromise, break some hearts, have yours broken, start over if necessary, grow and evolve, open yourself to love, share your truest self, and be there for them through thick and thin.

If you want to start your own business or career doing what you love?
Be prepared to take on some risk, discover your true passion, face your fears, self-doubts, bad habits, learn and unlearn, be a leader, build a team, fail, fail and fail again but start over and over again till you succeed.

You don’t go eating anything and living anyhow and expect to have a physique resembling that of a Greek God?
Rather you get disciplined enough to put in all the adequate dieting habit and exercises required.

Be prepared to do the work that each of your goals requires. You must be willing to put in the sweat and blood equity by which the high price of victory is paid.

What do you want or need? Are you paying a deserving price for it? Nothing is gotten free, they all have price tags attached to its ends. We can gave all that we want in life, provided we are willing to pay the price.

We are all paying a price for something each blessed day. Sometimes you may feel like giving up after many try and error but hold on, keep working on it and have faith.

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