In almost each stage of life this question pops up; “what do I want?” And you either ignore it or fight for it.

Often you ask someone “what do you want?” and their answer goes “oh anything is okay”, then you pick any for them and see their gaze directly on the other thing. Some people look up to others especially parents, or friends to make that decision for them.

Its not that you do not know what you want, you just don’t think its okay to want something since in most homes wanting something only make you look selfish. You’re either expected to put others want first before yours or pretend to be okay with anything laid before you.

But you need to be frank to yourself, because I doubt anyone will belief in you if you can not be true to your own self. You need to put everything behind (although putting some things into consideration is needed), your family, friends, not that they wants do not matter or you do not care for them but at some point you need to put yourself first before others. Then decide on want you want since most life decisions will always be based on what you want. Your love ones may not be pleased with your choice of ” want” but remember that each one of us is different and so it isn’t likely to want the same thing.

So go on, sit down, take in a deep breath,you can try and pretend to be in your own world if it makes you feel relaxed, and ask yourself “what do I really want?”, since either you like it or not this question is going to pop up at each given moment.

We all want something in life, either to be famous, desired, powerful or even loved. As much we want it, even if it makes others see us as selfish or overly ambitious, the most important thing is how beneficial that thing you want is going to be to you, to others and to the world. Since all these will be nothing if it doesn’t give you the feeling to share it with the world.

Most people settle for anything and are totally content with that, confined themselves to the little they’ve achieved and not wish to be or want any other thing so people see them as humble. But I tell you there is nothing humble in belittling yourself or pretending to be okay with something when you can just tell out what your opinion or choice it.

I don’t want to be just successful or make a mark or be just a singer, wife, have kids, see them grow to make a family of their own and then that will be it, I’m done and fulfilled. I know for some people is an ultimatum and anything above that makes them seem ambitious, but that okay its your choice not my. Since I want to leave this place and not just be proud of the millions I made, or being married and having kids, No! If that is the most important thing then we all are missing the reason or importance of living; what then is life if it doesn’t give us the want to give out more to the world, emptying ourselves by giving out the individual special thing the creator blessed us with.

I don’t mean to ask you to be like me and want the things I want in life. But the basis is you in other to give meaning to your life you need to want that firstly, and your want will give you direction in life. It will make you the driver of your own life and not others dictating that for you.

Let nothing hider you from sticking to and fighting for what you want so far as it is good and heathy.

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