BECOMING THE SUNSHINE; Shine Bright, Firefly

There is a person I have represented with the name “Sunshine” in my contact list. Often people tend to smile or raise an eyebrow with million thoughts running through their minds, when that name appears on my phone screen whenever the person calls. So disappointing is the look on their faces when they hear a feminine voice. What they didn’t know is that my Sunshine is a lady and she earned that title because she has the ability to make A Dark day seem Bright. If you like my smile, its because she made it impossible not to wear it each day.

Sunshine is the light and heat derived from the sun, in some situations it can means happiness or pleasure.

If you’ve even seen a firefly, you were only really sure of it being one after seeing it shine in the dark where there was no sun or light. Like sunshine the firefly represents Hope. During the day, fireflies are pretty drab looking, most people don’t even know they’re looking at a firefly because it’s so blah. But turn off the lights, and the firefly shines brightly. They are all over the place during some seasons, and yet not seen in others since perfect conditions are required to let their light shine. This is a reminder to never underestimate or be quick to judge.

The meaning of the firefly is perhaps best showcased in terms of attraction. The whole reason firefly also known as lightning bugs shine is to attract a mate, It stays in its unattractive state and may not shine just because someone want to see its light. Just because someone or something looks one way – doesn’t mean there isn’t glory and brilliance lying beneath the surface.

Somehow every teachings for about two weeks now has always been about faith, believe and being grateful. Tune it to any radio and within each day you will hear the mention of either of the above and coincidentally my two past write ups has been centered on that. I can’t tell why but I’m certain is a pressing thing at this very moment, either to myself or anyone out there. So today I talk about “Becoming the Sunshine”.

Have you ever prayed for something, maybe a miracle with all your heart and having greater expectations only to end up disappointed or left with nothing to hold unto as Hope? Walking through the rain amidst stormy wind and tender like it is going to strike you down, with the hope of seeing the Sunshine at the end of it instead you’re met with darkness not knowing where to turn to. Mostly at this point most of us stay there waiting for someone carrying a lamp to save them and when nobody shows up they stay there forever, in that dark place.

Its indeed a pleasant thing to have someone being the light for you in times of darkness, but instead of waiting forever why not become The Sunshine and brighten your own path like the firefly.

Becoming the Sunshine is building and holding unto your faith and believe even when every sign or response given you is a negative. You stay positive inorder to attract good stuff, and shine brightly like a firefly. Good things come to those who shine with positive energy.

The darkness has always existed in the world its just the light that was shining bright that you never noticed the darkness. In other words our life challenges, trials, and so on has always existed and not that you’re growing weak to overcoming it rather you’re growing in strength to over each of them by shining bright. There may be people or someone who helps you out anytime you get there, but the absence of that fellow or the silence of that person shouldn’t stop you from coming out. The storm and rain may cast a shadow on your Sunshine but shine through and become the light that others follow to get out of their cake too.

Sometimes all you can do is to depend on yourself when there is no one to shine like the sun or support you since if you want to see the sunshine you have the weather the storm. Stand bright for yourself and by helping others your sunshine becomes their Hope too.

Things may be hard and tough today but don’t give up, tomorrow may get worse and unbearable but the day after tomorrow will be Sunshine.

My Sunshine isn’t always available to brighten my day but I keep the light lit since I know it will never die out as long as I keep brighting like a Firefly.

To my Sunshine!!!

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