Can you choose to Believe?No one can force anyone to believe anything. Each one of us chooses whether we will believe something, based on our evaluation of the evidence presented to us.But then, how can we keep our faith when every indication is that our faith is misplaced?
How can we trust God to deliver us when others have fallen?
And how do we respond when the world tears us down, and we have no tangible evidence that the world is wrong?How can we choose to Believe when the world proves that we are bent to fail?Many people think seeing miracles would cause them to have faith. But the only ones who believe as a result of seeing miracles are those who choose to accept the miracle as sufficient evidence for them to believe. It is still a choice.There is a thin line between faith and believe and once we make the decision to believe, we are in faith, no matter how we may feel. At its heart, faith is always a decision. No one can force you to believe in anything. The choice is yours.
However, we cannot believe or have faith in anything.Believe has always been based on the bearer’s choice and it also is activated based on what the heart portrays.
Sometimes people will say that it is not possible to choose something to believe in, that our beliefs are determined by what we are and what we know. They say that we can’t just make ourselves believe whatever we want to believe. For example, if the sky is blue we can’t make ourselves believe it is green. We are forced to believe in the truth that it is blue. So, we really can’t choose our beliefs.Believe simply put is a thought in the mind. You create a thought, you acknowledge it, and you choose to believe it and continue thinking it.
Everything in our lives, good or bad is as it is because we Believed it to be so.
Some people may doubt that and may even be superstitious but take a good look at yourself, you can even list all the positive and negative things that happens in your life. Try recalling if you never had the slightest confidence, maybe amidst fear that it was going to happen.
Like waking up thinking you are going to have a bad day, scared your relationship will turn sour, or even thinking you will loose a game because your opponent looks like he is great in that, will all emotions attached.
You end up just as you speculated, and mostly we will confidently say “I knew that was going to happen!”, forgetting we only believed it will thereby attracting that.Believe has both positive and negative sides which both work perfectly as such that in a game if you believe that you’re going to lose that is what you surely will get but if your believe is on success then victory is what you will receive. Its a choice like trust and bravery, once made becomes invisible. If you make a choice to not believe, its always going to be the lens you view the world through.Once you choose to believe all forms of opportunity presents itself because of the lens you’re viewing and regardless of how the choice is made once made a new view point opens and we see the world with brightness.The law of Belief states; whatever you fully believe with thought, emotion and conviction, eventually becomes your reality.
We are always creating laws for ourselves based on what we believe to be true, even if it is not factually true our believe will make it so. Just as Christ said “let it be done unto you as you have believe”.Dr. Joseph Murphy in his book
The Power Of The Subconscious Mind states; It is not the thing believed in that brings an answer to man’s prayer, the answer to prayer results when the individual’s conscious mind responds to the mental picture or thought in his or her mind.

What are you choosing to Believe today?

We have the power to believe whatever we want to believe. There is no manual to what we’re “allowed” to believe and no one has the power to tell us what we can and cannot think. That is entirely up to us.

This is truly an ultimate power. A freedom that you have control over. People can do countless different things to us, but they can’t tell us what we can make it mean. We are in charge of the meaning. We are in charge of the beliefs we choose to make.

Whatever we are now is based on how much we chose to Believe in ourselves, irrespective of how others see us to be.In my search for conviction this year i ended up with one thing which is Believe, and that no matter what has been promised me, believing It to come to past no matter how impossible is my true requirement.We can not bypass this day without the believe that another awaits us. No matter how tough it might get, its our believe of seeing a brighter day that makes it reach us as soon as possible.Choosing to Believe is by ignoring everything surrounding you and looking only up to possibilities that others can not see.How can we keep our faith when every indication is that our faith is misplaced?
How can we trust God to deliver us when others have fallen?
How do we respond when the world tears us down, and we have no tangible evidence that the world is wrong?

How cool is it that we get to decide what we believe about everything! It’s all up to us and what thoughts we create.

So think about it…..What beliefs are you choosing to believe about yourself or your values?

What are the beliefs you haven’t questioned?What beliefs about yourself are you accepting to be true?

The results in your life come from your belief systems. If you believe you will never find happiness that is your reality. You are choosing to tell yourself you cannot be happy. When you start with that belief, think about how hard it must be to push through that negative perception you have.

If you believe you can’t accomplish your dream, then that is your reality. When you don’t have belief in your own dreams, how can you even visualize the dream happening. You have to believe hard in the fact that anything is possible. When you want something bad enough, when you have belief in that thing you want, nothing can hold you back.

If you believe life is unfair, that is your reality. If life was fair, we would all be the same. We would all live in the same house, wear the same clothes, work the same job, make the same money and do the same things daily. Is that thought something you continue to want to believe when you put it into that perspective?

So, think about your most precious goal, the goal you wish you could believe in. The goal that you’ve told no one about. Why don’t you consider believing in it? If you could believe anything about yourself, what would you believe? What do you want to believe about you?

Belief is powerful. We need to step back into that power. It’s truly a freedom we have all been given. It’s time to use it!

In every situation today make the choice to Believe in your God, yourself, and everything you do. It is indeed the one choice that changes everything.

Make today memorable, by Choosing to Believe!!!

Even when your World is shaken

Even when your Heart is breaking

And even when it seems he’s taking too long

Just Believe

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