What is worry?

Why do we worry?

What at all do we worry about?

Take a moment think, and bring out your own definition of worry… To me worry is; Any thoughts, feelings, images, ideas, and fears, that are all negative in their nature and which happen in response to either real or imagined future problems. Some people feel worrying gives out a good impression about them, it may be true or not but why worry when its of no importance.

We worry often when some future outcome is uncertain, we want to make sure it turns out well. Most of the time, even after we’ve done all we can to prevent a bad outcome, we can’t eliminate the possibility that something could go wrong. Maybe it’s getting sick, or messing up at work, or losing someone we care about. We don’t have ultimate control over whether these things might happen.
When we have a hard time living with this uncertainty, we might return to the situation in our mind and keep turning it over, imaging every “what if” and how we might handle it. We try to control an uncontrollable situation. Worrying about uncertain future events reinforces itself. In conclusion is that people worry in an attempt to solve their problems.

Each one of us worry about something, we think of something and it makes us worry. The difference is how we carry this worry about, how we let it take hold of our lives and control us. The best way is to relax not to swim in the worry since you may grow restless and suffocate, try not to get drown, instead learn to float while in your sea of worry. By relaxing i mean relaxing every part of your body, your eyes, lips, everything.
Stress builds up when you are in a constant state of worry. It seems that the more you worry about a stressful problem or situation in your life, the bigger it seems to become. Worry also feeds on itself and then results in more things to stress and worry about. This then become an ongoing worry cycle.

A Worry Box, a tool used to help children in dealing with anxiety or stressful situations. Its done at home, school, outdoors, indoors, with a trusted adult.

Sometimes, to really help deal with worry, you need to take some focused time to think and talk about your worries. However, it’s helpful to limit the amount of time that you are dwelling on these thoughts. You don’t want to be thinking about it constantly and using a worry box is a good way to help manage stressful feelings. By using a worry box, the child can focus and think about the things that are making him or her worry, and then contain their worries in the box for someone else to hold on to for safe keeping. Later come back and talk about the worries again at a specified time. It helps them address the worries as realistically as they can, and create a physical holding spot for the worries so they have some relief from feeling like they always need to be thinking about them.

A Worry Box is done with the usage of a Paper or Sticky Notes, pencil, small box, scale 1 – 10.

A time is set aside, maybe 15-30 minutes. Then the worries written on the pieces of paper or sticky notes. Using a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being a little worried and 10 being the most worried), the worries are placed along the scale. This will help get a better idea of what is bothering them and how much it is bothering them. Time is taken to talk about each worry, and as they talk about it they put it into the worry box. Once all the worries are in the box, its given to a trusted adult to hold on to. Time is set for next discussion on the worries. It can be the next day, or a week afterwards. On the set day the worries in the box are placed on the scale, noting if any of them have moved, if they have any other worries they need to add in.

In worrying one keep looking around seeking out solutions which is a state of spinning, and when you spin you end up feeling dizzy and lastly faint. When you spin you can not concentrate, you just keep your mind fixed on one thing which is to stop, make the spinning stop, make the worry stop. Yet you stop but still finds yourself at the same place, in the same state, with nothing changing, no progress, no result, just loosing your balance and fainting.

Often when i find people in the state of spinning, as they pour out their worries I first tell them to hold on, taken in deep breaths and at times to take in water since after doing all that it put them in a relaxed state not only that but it diverts their minds to something else which isn’t a worry.

The whole concept of the worry box is somehow a form diversional therapy. Writing down all your worries and dropping it in a box so you do not forget it. But after moving on to perform other task and spending time on something else, you return to the box only to realize that that worry doesn’t weigh anymore, as a matter of fact it never did weigh, you only added weight to it yourself.

In our terms, a Worry Box doesn’t only mean a box, it can be anything or anyone as far as you are not being judged, it can be a particular place or a pet, above all God who is always available to offload our burdens. Most of chronic conditions like hypertension started with a drop of worry that only got complicated, and a whole lot of issues started with a little worry least being divorce.

Get yourself a worry box. Once a week, sit down and on separate slips of paper, write down all the things in your life that are worrying you. Think of this as getting all those worries out of your head. Then, put all the slips of paper into the worry box and close it tightly. Open the box again in another week. Discard all those slips of paper that are no longer worries. Choose one worry to work on during the week and what actions you will take. Put the rest back inside the box until next week. Adding new worry slips of paper as you need.

A little drop of worry, a little loss of sleep, a little heartache and cardiac overload, then a little long sleep that you never wake up from.

The one thing that can keep you awake throughout the night and keep your mind spinning. Worry is often fruitless. It never rob tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.

I can not tell you not to worry it will only squash your feelings but ask yourself today;

“Is this worth me loosing my life for?”.

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