One of the toughest decisions on earth is when you get to a point in life and you need to let go of something. As simple and short as these two words are, they are easily said than done; “Let Go!”.To Let Go means to allow something or someone to escape, go free or to relinquish one’s grip on that thing.

These two words “Let Go” only pops up the very moment it becomes difficult to do so, after we’ve cling to something or someone and they value so much to us that we do not want to loose even though we might have lost it already but are unwilling to accept that.

Its one of the hardest but a most powerful act of life that determines how successful we are in life; letting go off the things that will hold us back. If someone can improve this skill he or she ought to find real happiness of life. Its also a very powerful healing principle. Underneath every illness lies an attachment, and the extent of the illness is the extent to which we are holding on. We have a need that we think will be fulfilled by maintaining an attachment to something from the past that we feel is now missing in our life.

Psychologists believes that the average person have a change of mind within each 6 months. We are all changing, people, society, world, universe, our way of life and so on, what was fashionable a decay ago is no longer valued. Likewise what valued yesterday may not weigh as much as now, so just because something was right for you in the past doesn’t mean it still is and as sad as it may be it is the truth being it in terms of Job, home, and relationships. They are just the facts of life and you can not change it, and if you want to try, first try getting a day younger than you are today.

The loss of a loved one:

This may mean nothing to some people since it hard as it may be were are all direct and respond to things differently. Most people find it easy to let go and move on but its different for others, some people never let go nor move on even when its in relations to losing a loved one.

They hold unto the loved one they lost, never moving on with the fear and idea that letting them go means they do not love them anymore or they didn’t matter to them that much which is wrong. I bet if we can and are to contact the dead their best wish for us would be to forget the pain of loosing them, move on with our lives and be happy so they can also be. If the dead were meant to move on only after the people they leave behind let go off them then i’m certain there would have been many wondering souls on the surface of this earth, since the people they left behind still grieves, do not move on and let go off them.

That is just an aspect of Letting Go.

Some habit, job may be what we need to let go. An ill habit that shuns people away from you, one that only bring losses and never gains. Some jobs kills us within but we’re afraid to let go since we’re worry about what we will do next when we let it go so we stick to it.

A toxic relationship that one may think that holding unto it makes him or her a strong person, the truth is that makes you weak.

We don’t let go because we become comfortable with what we have and feel safe with what we know, we don’t want to risk losing something so we stick to the fear that “what if we meet something or someone worse” even when what we’re sticking to do not bring us peace. Not letting go brings about transformation every second of each day, our needs changes, our mind, our hope and dreams also changes.

Now the strength in letting go;

Letting Go off something can be terrifying but then, it doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on rather much strength is needed in Letting Go. Sometimes we feel like holding unto something or someone for a long period of time means we are strong yet great strength is about knowing when to let go and sticking to it.

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength; However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know to let go and then do it” – Ann Landers

Letting go tells out that you’re strong enough to be honest to yourself, to know you deserve something or someone better and to love yourself when its time to let go of something that is no longer nourishing your mind or heart no matter how much beauty it once brought to you.

You don’t have to be afraid to let the negative people in your life out of it even if everyone knows you’ve been friends or lovers from infancy. Its your life so its your choice as to who stays in or out and whatever choice you make concerning that is going to affect your life positively or negatively. Some people may resent and see you as selfish but trust me is better that being pitied and having to live regretting. It doesn’t mean they are or were evil it just means their chapter in your life is over and you all need to move to the next chapter and meet the next characters within it.

There were moments in my life when I told myself that “I deserve better”, and I don’t need to change who I am so I can fit into someone’s life, a change that was causing me to lose my own self, forget about who I am and my worth. I had to let go a friend whose company only placed me into trouble, let go of friends who weren’t ready to grow with me yet disliked my growth and a love that was so not meant for me. At first i was worried about the pain they will go through for loosing me and the pain I also had to go through, worried about being termed as “one of those who walk out of relationships in trying periods”, and I didn’t want to feel like I failed.

But then I needed to let go and walk out of their lives no matter what they thought or if they choose to badmouth me. Not that I wasn’t patient enough nor content with having them in my life or didn’t love and wanted to keep them, but when you know who you are, where you are heading to, and where you need to get to you won’t settle for just anything so you can sacrifice (kill) yourself and your dreams to please others. Instead you will gather all the strength and courage and let them all go since although there may not be Hope for the better, you will know one day that you did good with yourself.

Its not about not loving them anymore and forgetting them, its about having the strength to say ” I still love you, but you’re not worth this pain I need to go through”.The strength in Letting Go emerges from our willingness to find what we are holding onto and let it go, and it allows us to become free and enables us to move forward. As we let go of whatever illusion or fantasy we have held onto, we move back into the flow of life. Paradoxically, having let go, we become open and able to receive.

We need to Let Go of the attachment causing our problems in life in terms of health, business, and so on and move into the next stage of our life. When our heart refuses to move on, our attachment holds us back in our life. Holding on keeps us bound to where we were and ties up our energy, turning us away from availability and life.

The principle of letting go is that whenever we truly let go, something better will come to take its place and will move us forward in a whole new way.

If you want growth , want to live healthy, and want to be successful, you need to learn to “LET GO”!!!

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