THE REFLECTION; What do you See?

Years ago I asked most of my contacts what they see when they look into a mirror, most of the answers i received were… ” Myself and a reflection of me”.
I replied to it that ” I’m looking into a mirror and not seeing me, I’m seeing something else” and they ended up getting confused.
I guess what they were thinking were how can you look into a mirror and not see yourself.

Firstly, a mirror is a flat piece of glass that faithfully reflects or give a true picture of something.
One important thing is you don’t necessarily always see yourself when you look into a mirror, You only see what the mind through the eyes directs your focus on.

By nature a mirror reflects anything that is placed before it, but it’s left to you to see what you want through the mirror based on your thoughts.
Therefore if you are facing a mirror with your focus on a table behind you, that is what you will see the mirror projecting to you and not a reflection of yourself.
Likewise if you are thinking of how ugly your appearance is, exactly that will be the reflection in the mirror.

Such is nature, the universe only reflects what we keep feeding it with through our subconscious mind even when that is not what we want.
It’s like walking into a room full of a lot of pleasant and unpleasant things and you are asked to pick something.
The good or bad effect of it on you will be based on the choice you make.

Like the mirror, the universe can’t decide what you will see when u look through. It receives and faithfully projects what your reflection is.

Most people are constantly being abused and living the life they pray against because that is what they see themselves to be.
They indirectly ask for things they do not want,
Seek for things they wish not to find,
knock on the door they want to shut.
They think about it all the time, pray about it and they receive exactly that, being good or bad.

So why dwell on how pitiful or such a loser you think you are or something unpleasant when you can just choose the pleasant stuffs only or think of something beautiful, like such a wonderful family and friends you have, the gift of life and so on.

One of my favorite track “Coat Of Many Colours”, A coat made by a poor mother for her child out of rejected rags.
In it the composer states ” Made only from rags but I worn it so proudly“.
At school her colleagues made fun of her because they saw her to be poor, yet she saw herself different from how they saw her and firmly states…
One is only poor only if he choose to be, although we had no money but I was rich as I could be”.

What image are you reflecting today and now through the Universal mirror of life?
Remember this verse in the Bible…
Whoever Asks receives
Whoever seeks finds
Whoever knocks is granted entry

The Genie always say one thing…
Your wish is my command!

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